Huge UFO ship filmed over Siberia, Russia – January 2012

UFO videos – Filmed over In Irkutsk, Siberia, Russia in January 2012. Apparently it had a spherical shape according to the filmaker.

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  1. Question ? ….This observer was able to get some very good footage . Some of it seemed to bevery close up . And yet no identifiable shape was discerned ? ….

  2. I think even if it were a helicopter, their banners are dropped lower than the fuselage to avoid any entanglement in the tail rotor.<br /><br />It wouldn&#39;t look like it does in this video.

  3. thats a reflection af a train from inside the window, you can still see the lights through the outside plastic trim of the window just as it disapears from view. (a model train set on the inside maybe.)

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