Most remarkable UFO sightings in December 2011

Most remarkable UFO sightings in December 2011 by

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1st December 2011; triangle formation – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2nd December 2011; unknown lights – Bergsjön in Sweden

11th December 2011; triangle formation – Altai Republic, Russia

22nd December 2011; unknown lights – Phoenix, Arizona

23rd December 2011; multiple UFO sightings – Altai Republic, Russia

25th December 2011; triangle formation – Delray Beach, Florida

28th December 2011; daytime UFO – North Hollywood in California

29th December 2011; daytime UFO – Paita, Peru

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  1. The human mind use to be easily trick into believing that the unknown has a existence of fear scientist have at last admitted that the darkest of space has a existence because its there its part of everything, i think the best way to explain it is the darkest hold everything together and thanks to the true history of the human race the human mind has the intelligence to overcome its fear of the

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