UFO activity over Maringá – Parana, Brazil 17-Mar-2012

Latest UFO sightings – This video of unknown objects flying over Maringá – Parana in Brazil was  recently submitted to our website with this description: 

This video contains a film made ​​by a student of Advertising UNIFAMMA, Ricardo Yoshio, which appear several lights with different colors that are floating in the sky for a long period. According to Ricardo, there was no sound of an airplane or something like that and also the way the lights moved, not the common way to any vehicle. Could not the approach because the place was near the northern boundary and the road was finished. The video is curious.

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  1. I was really intrigued with this very interesting but as soon as I read that the person that filmed this was student of Advertising It lost some credibility,but after reading the comments on Youtube i see that there were others that saw the same lights the same night, I wish it was longer but it was supposedly filmed on a cell phone

  2. here is another intresting blue ufo sighting a few of these a week have been popping up for the past 2 months and ive comented on a few of them-i like them because blue is one of my fav colors lol – this one has a few indicators that it may be man made but nothing to completly rule out being et at the same time-<br /><br />1:10-1:22 in this vid seems to be the most dramatic manuver this object

  3. Cool video and no doubt in my mind..ET Ship/s..Still dont get it about people thinking vids like this is fake..Fake in what way fake?Photoshopfake or what?Does anybody have an answer to that

  4. two lights on the ground the first blue light comes down right next to the two lights and is seen being carried to the two lights ps a car the second light is probably a model aircraft of some kind and where is it ?

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