Bright UFOs flying over London, UK 2-May-2012

UFO videos – These bright object were allegedly flying above south west London in United Kingdom for about 5 minutes on Wednesday, 2nd May 2012.

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  1. wow that was interesting, there seems to be more and more of these type of sitings lately, theres got to be something in this definetely, there checking us out for reason, and my theory is, well.. There's way too many people in this world and we do need another world war to thin us down. This sounds cruel to the core but its true. And i believe these alien beings see this, whether they will

    • No its not that there is too many people on Earth.Its because you have this crazy system of producing a lot of bad quality products,so people buy and buy and buy..Just ONE of the insane things here..If we really did the right things we could be 50billion for that matter..Its about sharing and not being crazy making wars etc..7 billion is NOTHING.We could ALL stand shoulder to shoulder on one of

  2. I&#39;m surprised so many people clicked &#39;fake&#39;.<br />Personally when i see the strange movements like coming together and when one accelerates like it did at the end of this video, i&#39;m sold.

    • Those who automatically click fake without even giving time to mull over it are either a. scared b. closed minded or c. ignorant. They will be the ones taken by surprise when disclosure comes..either by the US Government opening up or a large scale revelatory event ie: ufos hovering over famous monuments or key buldings so that they can&#39;t faily to be filmed/ viewed by the public at large…

    • Me tooooooooo..Typical cause they are too close,people think its fake???I dont get it…???STUPID people in denial,my guess!!

    • a. scared b. closed minded or c. ignorant.<br />Dont forget D. genuinely feel the video is fake.<br />I myself clicked fake after viewing the footage several times at different resolutions. I found that the camera shake was slightly out of sink with the movement of the objects. Now of course I could be wrong, but I certainly wouldn&#39;t describe my decision to click fake as scared, closed minded

  3. this looks really crazy we are students at Baylor University in Texas we saw a SWAT Team at Quick Trip Last weekend North Fort Worth on our way home we were driving through Keller Texas we saw a bright flash of light over Golden trianle Blvd around 11:30 pm like the News report from Arizona just a bright flash of light then it was gone we dont know what to make of it it was too fast for our cell

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