Compilation of UFO activity filmed over New York City

Interesting video of unidentified flying objects flying in the night sky above New York City. Recorded with Night vision.

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  1. Did the Air Force or government notice/comment, etc. on this if it was visible to more than just the videographer? Sure hope you are not faking this stuff.

  2. The four objects flying together look genuine. The way that they fly in formation like that is unlike any birds or aircraft that I know of. I have no explanation as to what else they could be except ufo's…….Anyone?

    • Not sure about the other things but the four in formation do not match anything I know of either. Thank you for not calling them birds lol.

  3. It may be May, but I kept looking to see a sleigh behind the four lights in formation. HMMmmm maybe military formation.

  4. Has anyone heard of Ed grimsley i think you'd be blown away by what he say's about these…some are flown by humans some are not flown by human's..

  5. Somebody is learning some formation flying in something that defy's all known Aircraft. If this isn't a fake, then it is quite a catch.It's about the best I've ever seen!!

    • i totally agree this is the best footage of nightvision i have so far seen..i think a lot more ppl will get on the band wagon and we'll be seeing more..i really think the tide is turning in our favour with ppl being more and more open minded…i know i have seen stuff and i get very fustrated trying to open other ppl's eyes…

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