UFOs hovering above Bordeaux, France 6-May-2012

Latest UFO sightings – Some kind of triangle formation was recorded in the night sky above place de la Victoire in Bordeaux, France on Sunday, 6th May 2012 at 11:39 pm.
Witness report: Hello. US,Elyansun & Valérie.L, want to report what we saw.We Swear on our Honnor that these videos are genuine, so is too our testimony !

We were standing my mate and me surrounded by about 20 policemen, when the one with we talked with said ” What is this in the sky”. At his words we looked up our eyes to the sky and saw what You can see on these videos. We took the phenomenon on tape with 2 differents cellulars and with 2 slightly different Angles. During this observation we were surrounded by about twelve policemen, No Joke!!!

Author (ElyanSun @ youtube)

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  2. I would say this is a fake because around 1.03 when they pan down to show the buildings the lights go down in front of the buildings, also the other people in the street don't even look up

    • Agreed. Not even a UFO. A trick of the light that can be seen at about 1:03 as you say. <br /><br />If you pay close attention to the &quot;dots&quot; of light, you can see two of them at the bottom of the screen when the filmer pans down. Then they jump back up to the sky and hey, it&#39;s a UFO. <br /><br />This is an electronic sleight-of-hand. Pretty neat, but not a UFO.

    • I live 80km south from Bordeaux and I saw one of these little light ball over the highway on the 5th of june around 3.30PM. My wife was in the car with me, but we didn&#39;t manage to shoot any video while driving. It stood still only for 6 or 7 seconds, then totally disappeared. My mom, 20km south from Paris, called me on the same tuesday, to report a light ball sighting moving at high speed

  3. I cannot thank your site enought for the fantastic job you do informing so many of us about the latest UFO sightings around the world. All we have to do it push a button and it plays, but to the people behind &#39;LATEST UFO SIGHTINGS&quot; I would like to thank you for the job you do. The governments of the world do not do. And that&#39;s informing us of the greatest story of mankind. Possible

  4. usual ufo type triangle formation but no triangle they disappeared quickly though lot of excitement from people filming them &amp; some fear ?

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