Poll #35: Do you believe extraterrestrials walk among us?

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Do you believe extraterrestrials walk among us?

Start Date: Friday, June 1, 2012
End Date: Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Astral projection or out-of-body experiences: 15%
Ghosts: 7%
Time or dimensional shifts: 38%
Some strange mental projection: 5%
Mistaken identity: 16%
I’m not sure! 16%

Start Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2012
End Date: Thursday, May 31, 2012
Total voters: 816

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  1. If they do, are they disguised ? How come that all ET bodies found and photographed as per the many video's made available for viewing on sites and even postmortem's done, as the case of the video footage from Russia, that none were found clothed, surely, if they are super intelligent beings, wouldn't you think they would be attired in some way, pretty strange and raises doubt if

  2. We&#39;re just connecting. You&#39;ll find out later.<br /><br />Sparkes<br />RH Neg~Google~RH Negative Blood. We have a lot of celebrities. Notice the bloodtype of the present President of the United States. Notice Bloodtype of past Presidents and Dignitaries. Notice Bloodype of Ascended Masters. You&#39;ll find out soon. You&#39;ll find out how many Ascended Masters Incarnated to help restore

  3. Hehheh-I think I KNOW they are walking around among us,for many years already,at least 60 years.It WILL be public knowledge very soon..Hopefully this year.I`ve had exps with ETs since 67..Bhappy &amp; loving hhC

  4. yes I am sure we have aliens amoung us. God planned it that way. keep us on our toes. If they r here, welcome. Want some chocolate?

  5. course they walk among us, when i was 12 years old i saw them suspended in the air i can go under hipnosys and describe what i saw,they were human liketall about 6 feet tall,both of them,dressed in like medieval atire,totally diferent of the grey&#39;s and the reptiles

  6. I believe there are people from out of this world walking among us. There are several cases, one is the Dolores Barrios that happened in Washington by the 50s. Regards.

  7. Yes. I have been privileged to talk with an acquaintance about a revealing conversation that went as such, : &quot;In 1961, I went into a general store. After I talked to the Lady [owner]cashier, I saw one of the workers there. We struck off a conversation. I could tell he didn&#39;t look quite &#39;right&#39;! He said he hadn&#39;t been on this planet long.[He was half human.He was learning here

  8. Yes, definitely. I strongly agreed that they &quot;The inteligent beings&quot; are walking among us for quite some times now. God had created beings long before man (Adam) was created and they had advance in all sort of ways such as in adaptive ways, medical, science and as well as in technology and so on. I myself was nearly abducted by aliens at the age of 13. Just imagine how they could

  9. &quot;They&quot; have been here all along,they have never left this planet,and they are much closer to us all,than most folk would ever believe.Chosen ones have been privileged to interact and there will be a large group of &quot;Doubting Thomases&quot; who will faint at the sight of their presence.I have seen something in the sky and no amount of denial or mis-information,will tell me otherwise!

  10. traveling back to cali from louisiana we spoted one in a v shape and ths was spoted in new mexico.. and then before long a second one and then a third and then a fourth one come and formed a triangle and we sat and watched them as we drove down i10….watched then for a bout half hour.. then the disappeard..

    • I had to comment because I live in So. Cal close to Redondo Beach. I was out on my balcony 1 month before, May 5, 2012 and saw a flying V too. I was camoflauged/cloaked. It was black against a black sky so hard to see. There were no lights but i could see the outline and movement and could make out the V shape and darkened lights underneath. It was that close. Being that I never saw one in

  11. Yes, they are here! They have been here for sometime. They are observing us. Just look at the sky at night. Pay close attention to the stars. Notice something different? There are objects in each constellation, they have white, blue, red lights. They do not move. I have observed them for several months. Does anyone have any idea what they are? Use your telescope!

    • I have seen them too, I looked at them through powerful binoculars, they seem to be situated all around the night sky, if you join them up they almost form a hexagon, the distances between them are great, but you cannot help but feel surrounded, the colours of the objects are from all colours of the spectrum. I have also noticed them for some time back, I wonder if that project blue beam has

  12. No topic &#39;Aliens among us&#39; in the pull down menu &#39;Topics&#39; on this site? Aside from that, some questions first. <br />1. What could be conclusive evidence? <br />2. Would they know themselves they are? How do we conclusively distinguish them from the mental cases?<br />3. Why would they bother the &#39;be amongst us&#39;? Researchers like Dian Fossey, we being the &#39;gorillas&#39

  13. They have been here for a very long time. There are ufo&#39;s or &quot;Big Brother&quot; is really watching us. There are objects in the night sky every night. I can count as many as 12 in just the south and western sky. They have the flashing lights and just sit there. One thing that is also strange they have placed themselves in each constellation, but they are much brighter than the stars.

  14. Sorry friend, I don&#39;t buy a conspiracy theory of authorities hiding &#39;the Truth&#39; from the public, nor a &#39;Big Brother Theory&#39; (Yes, I read one of Zecharia Sitchin&#39;s book&#39;s; intriguing but wouldn&#39;t genetic tempering by the aliens have left at least ONE marker in the human genome?).<br />No, I am still in Hynek&#39;s first Denial Phase: all lights in the sky are

  15. Sound questions but the time scale perspectve is missing. That is; it took only 40,000 years to get man from the caves to a tin can orbiting earth. Actually this space thing is only around since some 55 years and technology only started about a good century ago. As mankind took 3.2 million years to evolve from Lucy to modern man and Earth&#39;s age is some 4.5 billion years, man&#39;s 2000 year

  16. So, unless aliens have Star Trek like transporter devices or undetectable wormholes in space or star gates, then they needed milions of years -even at light speed- to get here. Meanwhile they would need lots of energy not to freeze to death and to feed miraculous shield to be protected from deadly radiation (and to grow food). And if they succeeded, the dinosaurs had a chance of meeting them

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