UFO activity over Shanghai, China – June 2012

UFO news – This video of unknown blue lights hovering in the sky above Shanghai in China, the largest city proper by population in the world, was recorded in June 2012.

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  1. according to n. duran miller an old entity on earth for countless lives she insists these ufos are living machines from our future the have lifeforce energy which gives them the ability to vanish & go in & out of universe galaxies time travel get her documentary on you tube. this is amazing camera work over shanghai no earthly advanced jet could do these manoevers very highly intelligent

    • Wow, you make a lot of assumptions just by looking at a light in the sky. You seem also to assume that the shaky camera work which you call amazing is the movement of the light. Do you see how this sounds over the top to the reader of your comment?

  2. From listening to the sound, it really feels like this might be a small remote control helicopter, hexa-copter or octacopter. <br />They have a distinctive noise that can clearly be heard in this video. Also, there are simple LED kits now that are lightweight enough to be on such a helicopter.<br /><br />Please, listen again.. you can hear the high pitched whirring of the small blades and the

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