Unidentified flying object flying over BC, Canada – 6-Jun-2012

This was witnessed by three guys camping near a Beach in British Columbia, Canada. The Witness stated… “no one was around and it was a very peaceful quiete night.” They are not sure what it was… The 2nd Witness stated “It did not behave like a flare or a lantern, and I do not know where it would have came from as we were all alone.”
Pay attention to the movement of the clouds. As they are moving very quickly. The UFO moves forward ahead of the clouds speed then and also slows down more than the clouds, making this particular sighting great because we know its not making any noise that we can hear. Its not blowing in the wind or with wind. And it also appears to intelligently operated.

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  1. Great video! Anyone that says this is fake has their head deeeeep in the sand. Do the math…billions of planets and galaxies and we are the only one with intelligent life?

  2. Aliens put lights on their craft for our amusement. There is no real reason to put lights on these things. This makes me suspicious of their intentions. I do not want to be dazzled into oblivion or slavery.

    • I agree they would not light their crafts.Aliens would fly using advanced stealth technology.If they can travel light years to get here then they will have the ability to observe us without being seen.That is in the air and on the ground.

    • Maybe they want us to see them this much for preparing us from the shock when they really appear… Or could be just that what LCARS said and they just don't care if we see "lights" of them as they know we can't be sure…

  3. It appears the clouds move, but not the object. I hestitate to say it, but it looks like it might be Venus (yes, the old skeptic's favorite chestnut!). The clouds are moving pretty fast across the sky, giving it the illusion of movement.

  4. good camera work ufo trying too hide behind clouds was that a reflection from ufo onto a lake beneath clouds ?geuine pic

  5. those who critisize or dont believe there is more in this world than just us are simple beings.and those who do not believe are nieve.get over yourselves there is more out there than you think.

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