Strange craft filmed over Fresno, California – July 2012

Latest UFO sightings – Unusual silet craft was recorded in the night sky above Fresno in California earlier this month (in July 2012).
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  1. its very interesting,i know its rough but i wish they could stop shaking the video makes the skeptics say there faked.

  2. Looks authentic, but to unstable to really tell. It's the second triangular shaped object that we've seen in the last few days. I wonder what's up??

  3. It is a plane, but like the camera do not have an stabilization device, its look like other thing, the distance is a big factor in these video, that is the reason of silence.

  4. it looks like some new aircraft the way it turned in the sky 180degees maybe new weapon type aurora stealth bomber ? don.t think its ets craft? any views or comments welcomed.

    • i was on my bike when i filmed it. simple as that. i did not have time to get off. but no one does have steady footage anyways. you can not really get prepared for something like this !

  5. We saw it near Selma High School as well just before their firework show. 2 big lights came out of nowhere and were coming towards us very slowly. They hurt your eyes to look at them. It was like it made you want to look away. It hovered around for about 4 minutes then speeded up and turned. I watched it make a complete circle and went towards fresno area.

  6. im commenting this video since its the most recent, but heres the story, my grandma who is currently 70 years old has called me and was desperate to tell me her story, i couldnt beleive my ears, she has seen a huge (as i believe UFO) bright object while she was looking out the window at 5 am, the sun about to rise and she has noticed a HUGE object, the size of a sun, but she knews it wasnt the

    • thank you for your honest, truthful straightforward post. i too believe and know. sharing personal experiences and knowledge with other sky watchers is integral to our understanding of the phenomena. with the dramatic increase in global sightings, how could one not wonder 'december 2012' ??? you never know when you are planting a 'mustard seed'… thanks again. keep sharing.

  7. if you can't hold the camera steady, STOP FILMING!…Put it down, lean on something, place it on a friends head or shoulder. This kind of video is useless…capt

  8. Looks like a plane in the last part or the clip same shape as a stealth bomber oh well maybe next time…………

  9. july 4th 2012 have witnessed these for over 4 hours flying a true north to south pattern but what i have seen suddenly flash a very bright light an jump several hundred miles and then suddenly slow back down iam located south eastern tn there have also been several meteors flash through tonite

  10. I know what these type of objects are, I call them vessels, not ufo's. some are ET ran from the future, others are government operated regulating past, present, and future events in a time line preventing cataclysm, mayhem.. I have been in one before, in 100 years traveling at lightspeed you would feel as if 3 seconds passed due to higgs boson theres mass frequncies we can document happening

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