ECETI Highlights: Contact Is Happening Now

A conversation with James Gilliland about his UFO sighting videos recorded at ECETI ranch in Washington state.

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  1. Yes, you are so correct, we have the contact now, if humanity will wake up, they would find it to be the most joyous, wonderful amazing experience,…hopefully the the light will drop on them shortly…love to you thanke Eceti…<br />Allanah Stanhope, toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, 6.12am 8/9/2012

  2. Yes I can&#39;t understand why either unless this is the way they make money to bad they don&#39;t come to your ranch must be wonderful if I was well I would surely go I believe and they will in time contact us all of us not just the governments but all of us they must be friendly or we would have already had bigger problems than we do now.Thank you for showing this wonderful video

  3. i have read alot of the vedas ancient hindu books for 35 years vimanas are real the goverment has seen them when will they tell the truth!!!!!

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