Disc-shaped UFO above Sydney, Australia 27-Dec-2012

NV UFONew video of a large disc-shaped object flying across the daytime sky above Sydney in Australia. This was recorded with Night Vision technology on Thursday, 27th December 2012.

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  1. Bravo, I lift my hat.<br />It&#39;s good to see that many legit vids still get shown after some of the incredibly poor hoaxes lately.<br />I took this apart as much as I could &amp; whatever it is it is genuinely flying in the same sky at the same time as the the background of this video.<br />If this is faked it is by a quantum leap on technology, I will pass this on to to see if we can achieve

  2. why can the camera hold still for the plane and when it is turned to the object starts to bounce all over the place….this is a fake. If it was real the camera would be still..

    • It&#39;s because of the focal length applied &amp; physical size of the objects concerned.<br />IE the longer one has to have the lens zoomed in to try to achieve fccus the greater the comparable angle &amp; thus wobble.<br />As an exercise draw a string tight in a playground at any given angle to the xy axis point on an already existing straight line &amp; move the string to increse angle,

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