UFO hovering above Pic de Bugarach in France 21-Dec-2012

Bugarach UFO
This was recorded live by Phoenix TV from Pic de Bugarach on 21st December 2012.
Some New Agers believe that the mountain contains aliens living in a spacecraft and the upcoming end to the Mayan Long Count calendar will result in some form of apocalypse. They believed that on 21 December 2012, the alien supposedly living in the mountain will emerge to save them.

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  1. utter nonsense pasting so much for the apocalypse on 21 st dec 2012 i stated at beginning of year all to sell dvds books cds documentaries mans wrong interpretations of ancient symbols its26th of dec 2012 think there 3000 years out lol .

  2. No way it can't be a rain drop.. They don't just appear and then float upwards.. If it was a rain drop it would go down and it would not be black.. I think because it's one of the best ones we have seen the government has panicked and said ok let's make something up.. No way is that rain 😉

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