Daytime UFO hovering above Charlottesville, Virginia 27-Jan-2013

footageThis interesting daytime UFO footage of some kind of disc-shaped object flying across the sky above Charlottesville in Virginia was recorded on Sunday, 27th January 2013.

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  1. UFO lady part of our world or connecting worlds just pop in & out to see what materials they require or they could be our ownn military new type of circular craft based on new ufo technology from alien ships .

  2. VERY inconclusive! – It could just as well have been a plastic bag caught in an air-current – Nothing to write home about I am afraid! – AND I believe there are THOUSANDS of UFO's with conscious direction!

  3. Not quite sure due to movement of the camera.Look's like debrie floating in the wind.Yet,in person it could be alot more convincing..

  4. Listening to this repetative commentary has a very suspect ring to it also – Sorry folks – THIS is not the UFO sighting of the year!

  5. wow i was really interested and getting into your film: the shape of the object, the fact that it looked like it was rotating and tumbling really caught my interest, until you totally lost it. why did you suddenly start to film the empty sky above the object, then capture it again for a mere second then go off filming some birds in a tree?? really .

    • Balloons won't maneuver nor fade in and out like that. Seems to me you're just as afraid as she was then. UFO sighting is what she got on tape and it wanted to be noticed.

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