Huge unidentified flying object flying over Scotland 18-Feb-2013

orbUFO videos 2013 – This interesting footage of a huge UFO or orb flying across the night sky over Midlothian in Scotland was recorded on Monday, 18th February 2013.

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  1. It seems every sighting they report from Scotland is "huge". They don't ever get one that is only modest or average, they're always huge, I tell you, huge!

  2. because scotlands got big hearts lol scotlands a ufo hotspot has its own triangle underground bases abductions greys nordics i dont think the orb in midlothians a ufo maybe a tracking satelite im from glasgow scotland we get lots of ufo sightings but just treat them as natural phenomena as used too seeing them no big deal part of our universe these crafts no angels or demons lets say

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