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Your UFO reports: 9th February – 16th February 2013

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Vallejo, California – 02/16/2013
did anyone see the orange and yellow lights moving from west to east. it was there for about 10min.then all of a sudden it was gone

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Gateshead, Uk – 15.2.2013 … 10.30am
As I got out my car I saw this shape being made in approx 3 seconds in the sky. The angles defy any aircraft we, on earth have. Sharp right angles . Quickly took this pic before the trail vaporised.

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Stockton Ca – 2/15/2013 16:50
My daughter Maggie pointed out a very fast moving white object circular in shape in the sky moving from north west to east. It was moving so fast it was out of sight in a few seconds. A plane in the sky passed right afterwards and it was flying twice as high. The ufo was moving around 50 times faster. I have never seen anything move so fast in my life. This is my 3rd UFO sighting.

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Progreso Yucatán – February 12 2013 – 9:15pm
Three lights with the shape of obtuse triangle flight by the coast of Progreso Yucatán to Chelem Beach Yucatan. They were fast and i could see them for around 10 seconds.

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Faroe Islands – 11. feb 2013, 2.45 am
Last night as I was laying in my bed, I noticed this very bright light in the night sky. At first I thought it must have been a satellite or something, but then I went outside, just to get a better look at it, and I noticed there was another light not so far from the other one, and it was more red/orange ish. As I stood there, watching it, I noticed that the bright light started to fade out, and I blinked and everything to make sure it wasn’t my eyes playing a trick. But then it lightened up again, but in a different spot than before, and it did this a few times. Then, out of nowhere two lights, just the same showed up nearby, and started circulating around each other and blinking, and suddenly.. They lit up, brighter than never before, and as if you see the smoke coming from a plane, there was this light line, at the sky, but only for about 3 seconds, and the lights disappeared.
I’m sorry for not taking a picture or footage, but it was there, for real, I’m not completely sure if the lights were UFO’s, but what do you think?

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Central Florida – 2/13/2013, 6pm
Went for a walk and this was at the very top of a photo. I enlarged it but it was in the sky…….


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??? – 2/12/13 & 2/13/13 @ 8:00
On the 12th & 13th of Feb 2013 there was a light in the sky that started small white light, and after about one minute it got bigger, and started dropping flames until it disapeared.I took seven pictures, from start to finish.



Chandigarh, India – 6 feb 2013, 7pm ist
This was a bright source absolutely no satellite as it turns red and disaapear video is here, city, Chandigarh, india

Youtube video link:

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Milton Keynes, England – January 27 ish 7 pm
please check out this photo taken from an iphone 5 by my 18 year old daughter. the image was taken in the uk late last month when the first snow arrived. ive seen many ufo pictures, but none quite like this. what do you think?

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Burlingame, CA – 01/20/13
Looking NE to SE the ‘UFO’ took approx 30 minutes to get from what looked from my perspective San Francisco to San Jose – once over San Jose region it hovered then finally faded from site. These pictures unfortunately don’t do what I observed justice.



Dubai – around 16-17 January at about 10.30am
this happened in pure daytime and to this day i still scratch my head as i know what i saw but cannot explain it. i was driving down Sheikh Zayed Road in the fast lane heading towards Dubai when i was passing Media City i happened to glance out of my drivers side window and saw this thing that sat in the air motionless at about 30-35degrees above the horizon adjacent the Burj Al Arab Hotel at almost the same line as the top of it but perhaps some 1 or 2 kms away. No lights flashing, no propellers to keep it where it was, just sitting in the air and motionless. it had 2 round large circular ends with like a cylinder shape joining the 2 ends which were larger in diameter than the central cylinder. The cylinder had these “antenna “things protruding out of the cylinder. I was in awe at what i was looking at as it seemed totally surreal. As i was in the fast lane of a 6 lane motorway i looked to see where i could pull over to video this but traffic was moving quite fast and figured i would keep watching till the opportunity presented itself for me to pull over. I watched this for a good part of 1 minute and it just sat there. it was surreal to me as it seemed that what i saw basically if it was photographed, people would think it was photoshopped because the finish on this thing was almost a “Matte” off white/white/cream/light grey(cannot tell you) finish that didnt have any reflective surface on it whatsoever that should have made the sun reflect off the rounded ends at least somehwere. even the shadows of its circular ends almost were opposite to where they should have been, hence the fact that i just kept looking in amazement at what the hell this thing was.. As i passed a really long billboard(in Dubai they are huge) and i was moving over to find somewhere to pull over the thing dissappeared…and i mean totally dissappeared. So not sure what i saw but i know i saw something. i have always been a believer and figured if i ever did see something i would for sure video/photograph it, but i stand before you with hand on heart and tell you that their out there watching us as i saw it myself….i even asked pilot mates working for Emirates if they saw anything or heard anything in their circles in the days after this happened and most of them just called me crazy….i am not crazy. i know what i saw. hope this makes sense to you guys and girls out there and hopefully someone else saw it too…

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  1. Dude even i have seen something floating in sky for minutes!!early in the morning 6.30 i pass sheikh zayedh road, on my way from abudhabi to dubai!i had seen this 2 or 3 times!! even i shown to my frnd once wen he was with me!we thght it might be some ballon or something!but i got confused when it seems in same size nd not moving atall,eventhgh am moving Kilometers.somewat cylindrical(now i gt

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