Strange bright UFO flying over Tijuana, Mexico 26-Feb-2013

UFO videos – This new footage of a huge bright unidentified flying object was recorded in Tijuana, Mexico on Tuesday, 26th February 2013.

What do you think this object is? Please leave your comments below!

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  1. that's funny, the picture changes at 2:30, ever so quickly but very noticeably. why is that? it never fails to amaze me how people cannot focus on an object and NOT MOVE.

  2. Definitely a UFO! Flying Saucer! Cherubim!<br />Definitely not an Airplane, Helicopter, Meteorite, Flare, Weather Balloon, Cosmic Dust or Swamp Gas! <br />Thanks for being on the look out and getting a great video!

  3. So this guy can get the reference views on the city without shaking, but cannot seem to be steady when filming the object itself? Looks faked to me.

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