FBI Sees No UFO Proof in Hottel Memo *Updated*

hottel memo
 A memo containing crucial information on UFO sightings was relayed to the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
In the memo, a third party reported to the FBI that an investigator for the Air Force reported the recovery of three flying saucers in New Mexico.
The machines were approximately 50 feet in diameter and had circular shape. Three human figures occupied on each flying saucer. The beings measured 3 feet tall and wore metallic or silver cloth, the memo stated.
All unknown beings in the ufos were bandaged with seemingly blackout suits similar to what are used by test pilots and speed fliers.
On March 24, 2013, the FBI released a statement indicating that the UFO story is the single most famous document in their records released under the Freedom of Information Act.
The file mentions that the memo came from March 22, 1950 from Guy Hottel, a lead from the Washington D.C. Field Office who delivered the memo to Director J. Edgar Hoover.

The informant made a claim that high-powered radar of the government found the flying saucers by interfering with the machines’ controlling mechanisms.

Nevertheless, the FBI made it clear that the memo has definitely no proof that UFOs really exist. The agency further elaborated that the memo was just another hoax circulating the world, adding that it was reported to them erroneously because of the belief that it is actually investigating similar cases.

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  1. the FBI wouldn't know the truth if it fell on their heads, the lie, they spy, they create fear, they hide stuff, they make false flag events (along with their buddies in the CIA) so when they say these UFO crashes are NOT REAL then they probably ARE REAL. whatever the FBI say, believe the opposite.

  2. i agree with the guy above, i think the government knows something we don't and is keeping it from us, why? i think everything should be out in the open no secrets

  3. These beings are us from the very distant future. It's what we will evolve into in 10's of thousands of years from now, when we have time travel. They are us from the future.

  4. The FBI has always lied. From its inception, it has been the spearhead of disinformation, scandal and salacious gossip. Its founder had the power to cower everyone in government and beyond – this is indisputable and supported by facts, from Elliot Ness to Ruby Ridge. That it may have been involved in assassination of important figures – JFK, RFK, MLK – is equally supported by circumstantial

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