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Your UFO reports: 30rd March – 6th April 2013
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Slidell, LA – april 6,2013 @10:45pm
At least 20-25 Orange glowing lights were moving in formation south to north over I-12 in slidell, they crossed over the interstate they started to disappear one by one. No noise observed, no red or green lights to explain regular aircraft. We pulled into a gas station expecting them to pass by as helicopters would. At that point they started to disappear.

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Colorado Springs, CO – 4/4/13
I was coming back from taking my fiance to work when driving I saw next to Cheyenne mountain near NORAD three lights that seemed to grow in place. It started out with three, then four then five soon it was up to about sixteen. I was able to grab this photo when I first saw the lights, but when I turned on to street to get to my house I lost sight of them for a moment as I passed a house, and all sixteen lights had vanished. When I got home I got onto my roof to see the mountain and it was completely clear of anything. Later in the day I waited to see if anything had been reported on the news but there was nothing.


25 miles north of Kingman Az. – 04/03/2013 7:00pm
Watched an object moving from west to east for approx. 4 min. until it dissapeared into space!

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Salinas, California – 4/3/13 @ 10:30 PM pst
What a show our futuristic brothers put on for may who saw this happening in the night sky.Enjoy the photos.



Twin Falls, Idaho – 03/02/13
UFO are real over city twinfalls blinking and moving from place to place this real I have photos they are on the photo red white orange orbs hovering over shoshone river belive me they fly too fast …. In that ship im take photo they have small beings with big eye and small nose and tiny body wow this is true belive me……..

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Clermont, Florida – 9-15 pm Monday 1st April 2013
At 9-15 pm Monday 1st April I was sat on my pool deck it was a crystal clear night ,I had just finished my evening meal with my wife when I saw a orange red glowing light moving west to east coming directly towards us.I went out side my pool enclosure to obtain a better look . I then saw a second light same description following the first. My wife went to get the binoculars . When she returned there were three more then another two .There were seven in all silently moving overhead in a single line .Not seen before and they were not planes no noise and quite low they were moving quite fast about the speed of planes which fly over regular.When I looked through the binoculars you could see round glowing balls red and orange in color , convex at the bottom but not solid. They all then disappeared one by one.
Don’t know what they were ,but will be looking again this evening.
My wife took a photos with here cell phone but they were unclear.

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Reading Pennsylvania – 10:05 PM April 1st, 2013
I saw a UFO at the time stated. I had just let the dog out and saw how clear the sky was and how bright the stars were. I decided to do some star gazing while I waited for the dog. I watched a jet flying east to west and heard its engines overhead as it moved away. Looking stright up I saw two distinct white lights, very close together one slightly smaller and right behind the larger one, moving north to south. So close they appeared to be from one craft. I thought it was a jet but it moved so fast and disappeared in a second. If I hadn’t been looking right where it moved I wouldn’t have seen it it disappeared that fast. There was no trail, no flash, no sound.

I say I thought it was a jet because it looked like it was high up but not extremely high up and I made out the two lights clearly. But it moved extremely fast like it was moving up and then it was gone. The lights didn’t blink and I can’t see how anything could move that fast and disappear from sight like that.

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Fresno, California – April 1, 2013

3:30pm MORPHING object came from south heading north. spinning around up pretty high. slight breeze partial clouds. camera sony trv-103 about 40 times zoom , and various. object was in focus set on manual focus.tripod was used last half of video. object vanished

Youtube video link:

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Cape Town, South Africa – 2013

We went on holyday in cape town and take some photos of the mounting and on the hill was something on the photo.


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Metairie, LA – 12/21/12 12:30AM 
A little after midnight, I was taking my dogs outside..I saw in the northern sky a shield shaped flying object, traveling from north to southeast, at a normal speed. It looked to be higher than 30 thousand feet, had one amber colored light, and made no sound at all. I watched it fly overhead and toward the river. Then it was gone…I never have seen it again.
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Sofia, Bulgaria Vitosha mountain – 23 September 2012

We suspect this is a UFO, we were hiking in the mountain my friend took some pictures and we saw this later on when reviewing them.

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  1. As far as the pictures are concerned… I&#39;m seeing car lights being reflected off of something, or just plain old paranormal spiritual orbs (which are far more likely to be documented than aliens). Then I&#39;m seeing something like the northern or southern lights… Then light reflecting off a camera, and of course finally a spec of dust near the camera lense.<br /><br />I am convinced that

  2. i have seen a ghost. i have heard my mother tell me she was ok now, after she died. i have seen 4 ufos. and i believe in God too. your statement saying that you don&#39;t think aliens have the technologies for space exploration is beyond anything i&#39;ve ever heard before. they are of different universes. yes paranormal activities explain away alot of things, i know what i&#39;ve seen with my

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