NASA Picture Shows An Image of Apparent UFO Above Earth’s Surface

An uploaded image in NASA website shows an unidentified flying object hovering above the surface of the Earth. The image has sparked debates among netizens.

The object has disc-like shape and seems to emit unusual colourful lights in the picture. In a blog written by Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily he said that there is a shining aura around the UFO that can be noticed if the screen resolution of the computer is high. Waring believes that this means the craft is really there. He said that NASA astronauts took some pictures and one accidentally posted to the NASA public site.

The image was also uploaded to YouTube by username Streetcap1 and this sparked debate among viewers with some thinking that this could be a sign of extra-terrestrial life while others attributed the image to faulty camera lenses.

On May 2, 2013, a strange object with orange colour was reported by a witness from San Lorenzo, California. According to the witness, the mysterious object appeared after a loud sound. The witness said that the UFO hovered in the sky without movement for around 30 seconds and it emitted yellow, orange and red lights.

In April, two schoolgirls witnessed a saucer object in grey colour flying across the skies of Khakassia in Russia. The two witnesses managed to take photos of the UFO, which amazed and stunned the viewers.

Original photo at NASA website:

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  1. Gosh damn, this is the second time, of the same photo that I have to explain this.<br />It is NOT a UFO, it is the reflection of the camera lens, which is proven in two ways.<br />1) The camera focus is wrong, ie the Earth is in focus, the object is not, because it is too close to the camera lens, ie the window on cupola<br />2) You can clearly make out the &quot;V&quot; of the t-shirt worn by

  2. Also forgot there is a third giveaway that it&#39;s a camera lens reflection.<br />Open the full res photo, to the left you see a red dot followed by a red line below it, that is the camera auto-focus laser reflection off the window

  3. one astronaut &quot;accidentally posted to the NASA public site&quot;. accidentally. like &quot;accidentally on purpose&quot; to start people talking? like an &quot;experiment&quot; to see what kinds of answers people would give? thanks grogyan for explaining it!

  4. I cannot see all the points Grogyan posted, but I think he is more right than this is an alien craft. I think Janet is on to something…esp with the additional sightings listed. possibly gov&#39;t debunking techniques?

  5. Also the object itself is the typical pattern for a lens reflection. The curve of the camera lens acts as a prism and disperses some of the light reflecting between it and the window giving the craft its elliptical shape and rainbow color pattern.

  6. One can see, along the edge of the picture and aligned with the sun direction, the edge of another white spot. So, this is a lens reflection.

  7. i aint an expert on this but if, as is being said here, is true, i believe if the image is a reflection of the shutter aperture the shape would not be sitting at a different angle to what it appears to be in the shot should be perpendicular to the level of the camera shot. it is also not in the centre of the picture where it should be. in the close up you can see the color spectrum of red yellow

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