UFO near head on crash with airline passenger jet over UK 4-May-2013

This interesting video of a bright UFO flying near an airplane was recorded in the sky above United Kingdom on Saturday, 4th May 2013.

What do you think about this video?

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  1. Possibly a couple of weather balloons?(Was it that guy, again?Did you hear the story?He hooked up several balloons to his lawn chair. A large jet had a clear view with the real near miss. And that's what they reported. A Bogie with a man sitting in his lawn chair at 4,500 ft.,just several feet from the plane.)

  2. Does it not look like a classic &quot;MARKING?&quot; Can we only wonder who was on that plane? Have you ever considered that our kind elders from space may be MARKING objects, places and people for us to look into? <br /><br />Can we choose not to be fooled? Is there any possibility that if we don&#39;t stop warfare on this planet that warfare may stop us? How many of us are making a connection

  3. what bright object? all i saw was another smaller plane on the opposite side of the jet going the other way.

  4. my goodness people, look at this film again. it is a plane far away, but not that far, on the other side of the jet going the opposite way. can&#39;t anyone see that?

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