Unknown lights hovering above Hull, UK 12-May-2013

New video of a strange UFO activity in the night sky above Kingston upon Hull in United Kingdom. This was recorded on Sunday, 12th May 2013.

Witness report: I caught this crazy footage from my garden on the 12th may at 1.20am onwards facing east ,the strange craft was silent and hovered around the same area for about 15 minutes ,i have cut the video down to 7mins 30secs and it is 100% real footage but of what i do not know , so please no brown tongue comments tx.

Author (Don Tellonme @ youtube)

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  1. what's a brown tongue comment mean? and what are you standing next to for us to hear that strange chugging sound, like some kind of motor? those lights are very interesting!

  2. Interesting but practically worthless video, about 95% of the time it's all out of focus. I don't think people know how to use their cameras, or they intentionally leave it out of focus to hide something.

    • i think people just get so excited when they think they could be filming a ufo that they are shaking, or trying so hard to zoom in that the object gets distorted. it's too bad actually. the intention to hide something is also a possibility but one i don't like to think about!

  3. I live nearby, this is the police helicopter filmed out of focus, I grow in my loft I am nocturnal the helicopters fly over housing estates looking for heat sources for cannabis factories, I was awake at this time on this day and at 1.09 I switched off the electric and opened the windows. Also u can see the aft light which flashes at the same set pattern as police helicopter, no further

    • Although what Anonymous says is a possibility and is a valid explanation then why can you not hear the helicopter? You can certainly hear what seems to be some kind of motor in the background!! <br /><br />Just a thought

  4. This is a helicopter showing port and starboard lights and strobe. You can&#39;t hear it because it&#39;s a long way off. Sorry it&#39;s nothing mysterious.

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