VIDEO: UFOs or lanterns over Moore in Oklahoma? 18-May-2013 *Update*

Latest UFO sightings – This interesting footage of an unknown lights over Moore in Oklahoma was recorded on Saturday, 18th May 2013.


Witness report: I was sitting on the couch next to a window watching the weather. Thunderstorms on their way. Other than a dim light above my front door, there is no lighting. My apartment faces the west & over looks trees. I noticed bright yellow orange orb like lights traveling up & to the right. I was frozen with fear as I have Seen many program on similar experiences. As more appeared I made my way to the window & snapped a few pics w/ my iPhone. I called my ex [Name removed/cms/tg]. He is very knowledgable about the unexplained. He didn’t answer. I quickly filmed a video of the last of the lights traveling. My phone was close to dying so I stopped the video so I wouldn’t risk losing it if my phone died. After the remaining lights disappeared into the sky the humming stopped. I sat on the floor near the window for about 10 mins. I was afraid to move. I sent the pictures to “T” & posted the video on Facebook. I also sent it to a local news station. I was eventually able to send the video to “T” & he advised me to contact MUFON.

Author (source: mufon)


UFOs seem to be appearing in different parts of the world before a disasters. Is this sighting connected to the recent tornadoes in Oklahoma? Please leave your comments below!
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  1. yes you were right when you said you couldn't film alot, it is very short and hard to analyze! but they look interesting. you said it was before a storm, so i doubt they were lanterns as they would have been getting whipped around by the wind in front of a storm. you also said that's when the humming stopped, what humming? was there humming to begin with?

    • Interesting, humming the day before tornados ripped apart the state. The night before Superstorm Sandy hit, I woke up at 3:00 and could hear a humming sound. I went to the open window and listened. Never heard anything like it before, but the best I can describe it is that it sounds like it's coming from all around, not from one direction, and it's like you would imagine the sound if you

    • that's incredible! i have never heard this humming people are experiencing! to hear it like you've described it, before strange or bad occurences, gives me the creeps. some people would say that HAARP is responsible but i think it is a natural, earth-made thing!

  2. This is the same thing that happen to me, but there was more than that, some neighbor's saw that too, they said it was a military operation, some kind of silent helicopter operation, but I have seen military and regular helicopters every day, they do not move like that! But I found out that this happened years before, they were silent and can't be recorded with a regular stand, they can

    • They don't make silent helicopters. I work for someone who is doing research with the military to try to quiet the sound inside the helicopters because they are so loud. If there was such a thing as a silent helicopter, everybody would be buying them.

  3. but the thing is, I was outside, so I saw this just about when I got outside, the weird part was that there was fireworks

  4. Hey everyone. Believe me I wish I could've caught more. It definitely wasn't lanterns. I do not live near an airport. There was a dull hum when they appeared. There were many of these orbs. I filmed w/ an iPhone, anyone w/ one knows how crappy the quality is. They were also bigger than what they look like. Same appearance though- solid In shape & color. I could see some coming up from

    • Well done Terrah Atleast you had the sense to run in and capture what you have seen & to contact the right PPL..I have seen a few very strange objects but just stood there watching thinking WTF…

  5. I witnessed the ufo on May 18 2013 in Moore, but by the time my friend said "What is that???" I looked and it was just 3 in a perfect triangle staying still in the eastern sky, and one a little further south. The wind was blowing crazy like, due to the storms that hit around 9:15 pm.

  6. I have been watching the terrible devastation and destruction of an area of this city, so my thoughts are with those who have suffered so much. It seems that even the meteorologists can't explain such an enormous tornado that did such damage. This video is confusing as these UFOs seem to be appearing in different parts of the world before a disaster. Something is happening that we can't

  7. it's hard if not impossible to answer the question of why these lights show up before disasters. i think only "they" know.

  8. Yes I have seen this type of sighting over and over again.I dont belive it has anything to do with the weather events however for heavy activity was expected days before this tragic event, these orbs have been spotted all over the world and this hits soo close to home because I spent alot of time in Moore growing up. It makes me wonder about the humming sound though for most reports on these dont

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