Chinese Passenger Plane Had A Mid-Air Collision With A UFO

A Chinese passenger aircraft had a big dent in the hood after having a collision while flying with yet to be identified object. Speculations spread that the aircraft had collision with an extra-terrestrial origin UFO.

On the 4th of June 4 2013, Air China flight CA4307 made a take-off for Guangzhou but the pilots decided to flight back to departure point after just 40 minutes. The reason was that it had a high altitude collision with unknown object that greatly affected the aircraft’s performance.

While the investigation of the incident is still ongoing, many already ruled out the theory that the bird hit the plane because of the big size of the dent and the altitude where the collision happened. According to aircraft control, the incident happened at approximately 26,000 feet. This altitude doesn’t have enough oxygen to support life. Additionally, no drop of blood found around and near the contact area, which happens in most aircraft vs. bird collision cases.

One of the most important to note about the collision incident is that the aircraft has paint transfer marks. So, this takes away another theory about collapsing air pressure in the nose. Many UFO believers and followers, strongly believe that the Chinese passenger plane hit an extra-terrestrial object.

What do you think about the real identity of the object? Military drone, falling space object, meteor, or a UFO from other planet?

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  1. what are the comments from the passengers about this? did they feel this crash? what happened inside the plane? lets hear some comments from them or even some eye witnesses to any sort of object first, cause pilots may embellish things. i'm not saying pilots are dishonest in any way shape or form-just that if they couldn't see what hit them then they could say it was an alien ship.

  2. This may be real. If not a drone it is a small ufo from the mother ship. A spy so to speak. There will be no transfer of paint as paint is not used on ET UFO's. Could be a drone but think what ever hit this was at a swerve when it hit (trying to miss the plane).

    • Where is your evidence for any of your comments ? <br />&#39;It is a small ufo from a mother ship&#39;<br />&#39;Paint is not used on ET UFO&#39;S&#39;<br />&#39;Whatever hit this was at a swerve&#39;<br />How can you seriously make any of these comments ? Totally ridiculous ! <br />

  3. Would be useful to have an independant analysis of any residue. But considering that it happened over China, you can bet that won&#39;t happen.<br />Also it would be handy to have the flight box recorder. Again, this is unlikely.<br /><br />Come on China, give us some candy.

  4. Large floating hailstone object? (They get big) I feel if an actual flying saucer made this collision it would&#39;ve ripped the plane to pieces with no survivors. This plane was traveling FAST.

  5. I have my own theories: 1 It was no UFO because it would most certainly caused a fatal crash, 2 It was no space junk or meteor fragment, the speed they fall is extremly high, it would puncture the plane&#39;s outer skin. 3. It could have been a spy camera of Chinese or Nth.Korean origin,drifting slowly in this altitude on a gas filled baloon causing a dent in the nose cone. Or 4. It could have

  6. H Mann, It was likely a bird strike. A scheduled flight ingested a goose into an engine at 29,000 feet over Greenland a few years ago. These birds are large and heavy, and they show up in amazing places and incredible altitudes all the time. The damage shown here is consistent with that.

  7. All of you are very nieve and iignorant…. It was an UFO and FYI birds don&#39;t fly at 26,000 ft in the air its too high above their altitudes…UFO truly exist and are very real….they have been seen all over the world especially in the hotspot areas….read your bibles they have been around since the beginning of time and b.c. times

  8. UFO do exist… your bibles extraterrestrials are very real no joke….wakeup people this is no joke they are here to take over our planet and our natural resources such as nuclear power plants military weapons their technology is beyond ours by far… reverse technology

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