Interesting video of a flashing lights over South Carolina 20-Jun-2013

flashing lightsLatest UFO sightings – New footage of a flashing lights hovering in the night sky above South Carolina. This was taken on Thursday, 20th June 2013.

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  1. Nice, there will continue to bealot more sightings this coming year. Pay Special Attention during Holiday's … 4th of July, Maybe a Special night for more than fireworks.

  2. more proof of alien activity in our earths atmosphere powerless over there intrusive nature cause our technology doesnt match up to theirs the skies are filled daily with ufo phenomena always has been just that people years ago didnt bother looking upwards now people cant stop looking too the skies seeing different types of objects keep them camcorders ionto them skies

  3. very nice capture. The only human explantation could be a military plane/chopper dropping 'countermeasure' flares to throw off SAM weapons…. obviously practice here. BUT, I don't think this is the case… first of all, fighter or chopper we/you would have heard it even that far away. Second, most 'countermeasures' I have witnessed do not look like that. If a fighter was

  4. I was there also and saw the exact same thing. Three of us off our back patio in Cherry Grove/ N. Myrtle Beach area. This exact same movement and pattern. Then BOOM they were gone. A lot of people saw this that night.

  5. We saw it too in Cherry Grove on the beach. That was most definitely not an airplane! So glad someone caught some of it on video!

  6. Saw the same lights from north myrtle beach on June 20th at , First 1 light then 2 and then 3 then totally gone. Thought it may have been international space station but was not sure about the path.

  7. I am the guy that posted the long comment about SAM&#39;s and such…. You guys down there should keep on this, see if it returns at all. Even if it takes a few days or weeks, I think this one is worth the effort of capturing agian with hopefully better quality. <br />I live in Wichita, Kansas. My city is proudly named &quot;The Air Capitol of the World&quot; … just research to find why we

  8. we have seen these same Lights in North Myrtle around the same time (Sept-Oct) straight out over the Ocean, what appeared to be approx, 5 miles, difficult to tell, nothing to get perspective from.Several things puzzle me about these. The movement, the Bright orange color, Flares are usally, Red, White. No visual Smoke as with flares. Also how many Flares travel up from a Down position, multiply,

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