A Video Of UFO Makes A British Man Believes That UFOs Are Everywhere

A mysterious object that was spotted by a man in North Lincolnshire in the UK was captured in video by the witness. He says that based on what he caught on video, the object is without a doubt an alien UFO.

Ben Agnew was on the highway driving a truck near Barnetby when he says he started to spot mysterious lights in a daytime sky.

Agnew recalls that he spotted some orbs flashing in the sky when he was heading to work. As the orbs were flashing, he decided to record their activity on video. When he arrived to work, he viewed his video and noticed something travelling in the sky at fast speed. He then played the video in slow motion and discovered a saucer-shaped object flying very fast.

It is a quite jumpy video as the witness was driving a vehicle. It shows some dark spots, perhaps the dirt on the windshield and a dark spot that Agnew is referring as an alien UFO.

The witness believes that UFOs are rampant in skies but moving at tremendous speed so, they are not usually noticed by people. He points out that he himself did not see the UFO travelling across the sky until he slowed down his video. He claims that when he showed the video to his colleagues, they believe in him.

Take a look at the video that the witness is referring and be the judge.

Note: Watch in full screen!

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  1. “Guys come one this is ridiculous, it is quite obvious that it was a small bird flying through the frame and over the motorway. Even slowed down it is in no way a'saucer'. This is seen so many times and it is not a UFO at all. I have investigated hundreds of videos like this and i'm afriad that its a common thing that people confuse birds and insects zipping through the frame quickly,

    • At what point in the video is this object visible? I have watched 3 times and haven't seen anything except those white things appearing and instantly disappearing, there were a couple of them, but I didn't see any dark object. At what time mark does this object appear? Thanks.

  2. first of all and foremost, when filming in a car WHILE DRIVING, stop the bloody car and get the hell out, or don't bother filming at all. this is what cause accidents and death. filming a possible ufo while driving, only to possibly have an accident and kill someone is not worth any damn ufo film footage. that dot could've been anything from a bird to a bug to a piece of pollution. at

  3. yeh, wot a stoopid git!both hands on the wheel please ya could've caused a massive accident cos of your negligence.

  4. mental stuff on a motorway sir wheres the ufo is it in the cabin across the road in the sky couldnt detect it sorry not impressed .

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