Interesting video of a solid UFO hovering over Encinitas, California 5-Jul-2013

Latest UFO sightings – This amazing footage of a metal UFO hovering in the daytime sky above Encinitas, a coastal beach city in San Diego County, California, was recorded on Friday, 5th July 2013.

Witness report: Black orb seen from distance without movement, appeared like balloon but flashed multiple colors before surise, stopped flashing after sunrise 

My mother and I work every day at four in the morning in a bar in Encinitas. When we arrived, I did not notice the orb. Normally, the sky is dark and there are no signs of stars because it is either too misty or too cloudy. Nearby, there is a 7-11 where I get a cup of coffee. Before I leave to get coffee, I do a bit of cleaning and head back to the car to retrieve the cup. When I went to get it, I noticed a faint display of colors, rotating in the sky. From the distance, it appeared to be a helicopter or an airplane, but there are no airports in the area. I brushed it off and opened the door to the car and grabbed the cup. When I looked back up, the lights had changed from orange to blue to white and so on. Then I could make out a dark shape that seemed to be changing in shape. I didnt understand, so I went and told mom about it. She came out with me, thinking I was crazy. When she looked into the sky, all she said was “Wow! What is that?” I didnt know what to tell her, but she took out her phone to take pictures. As dawn approached twilight, the shape was beginning to show more and more. Shapeshifting, it was hard to make out what it was doing. Below it, maybe some 20ft away, we saw a green light, blinking as if following it. Through moms phone, all we saw was the green light, but not the orb with the colors. We wondered for minutes what it meant. I took out my own phone, but the camera is old and it made out nothing. Several times, we went back and forth, going in then coming back out to check up on it. Not once did it move, even drift, so it couldnt be a balloon. An hour later, when twilight arrived, we made out a pure spherical object. It shone blue/black and there was a blinking white light under it, no longer in colors. It also appeared to be rotating, with little bumps on the sides. Finally, sunrise, and I was able to take video with my camera but all you can see is a dot in the sky. Today, July 6th, we went to work again but we saw no sign whatsoever of the orb.

Author (source: mufon)

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  1. hi! your story is precise and very interesting. may i make one little correction: twilight is the time referred to after sunset, not before sunrise. before sunrise is called dawn. your picture of this thing is really good and really sharp. sounds like you and your ma have witnessed something genuine!

    • Janet, may I make one little correction? Twilight can be either just before sunrise or just after sunset. You can google it and see for yourself. Thanks.

    • i looked in my dictionary, which says twilight is soft light after sunset. i don't google things, because google is frequently wrong.

    • Good for you Janet! People today don&#39;t even use dictionaries. They &quot;google&quot; everything. Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best way.<br />SE

    • I also witnessed this, i saw a red light accompanying it, not a green one like you saw. The red orb shot into space at one point, and yes i do mean SPACE. It climbed and climbed until it could no longer be seen, i would guess in the range of 3-400 mph. I saw it on the 4th of July however,(the day prior to your sighting)at first around 5:30pm. It was a super bright white light only, much like a common HID or metal hallide light only brighter. I ate at “El calle Jon” it was a Mexican place that used to be next to Leucadia pizza. I left there, traveled south on 101 and stopped near Swamis because i could still see the same light in my rearview mirror, in the EXACT same spot. I got out with my girlfriend at the time and within 2 minutes the white light started to rotate and flash all sorts of colors. At about 8pm’ish is when i saw the red orb come from the ground possibly, move slowly toward the rotating flashy light and as soon as the red light was next to the flashy orb, the red one(it was slightly smaller than the flashy orb) shot to about 3-400 mph and went straight up. It was at this point that i had realized that these were not fancy drones, but something much more exotic. I was at Swami’s beach looking slightly northeast. I am also a witness(along with my entire family and my older brothers eagle scouts group and their families) of the Phoenix lights incident (so i am not a stranger to weird stuff in the sky. The phoenix lights incident however, was MUCH more intense, and it definitely left some scarring in the form of PTSD. I hope this helps. feel free to contact me if you need to, Thanks everyone!

  2. looks like a balloon and i think thats one reason the person stopped filming it so soon. nothing very exciting here in any matter..

  3. saw something just like this in 2012. it was in the flight path to an airport and several airliners flew passed after it moved into a cloud. after two jets passed it shot away at a very high rate. sighting was filed with mUfon

  4. 4 hours! Very strange and interesting video. I know it couldn&#39;t be helped but I wish the picture was clearer. Great job capturing a UFO. Definitely unidentifiable. <br />SE

  5. I noticed a dark shape approaching me. Now, I was thinking, maybe it&#39;s time to meddle this Black shape shifter. All I need is the green light, and something sharp.

  6. Very strange because you wonder why the police or military weren&#39;t checking on this. It could have been a balloon, but why would it be so high and remain stationary? Maybe someone had it attached to a rope, but for what reason? Do they ever advertise this way in CA?

  7. yes Janet, &quot;Twilight&quot; is both the dimming of light after sunrise preceeding night..and an incredibly lame trilogy of vampire drama. Sadly we live in an age where information is organic and the populace for the most part accept whatevber nonsense they read online as gospel. (and you were polite in attempting to provide clarification for the posters erroneous use of the term)

    • i laughed at your description of the Twilight movies, even though i do like them! i really like her detailed story and the picture, i think they&#39;re great!

  8. here is my theory : 1st of all, awesome video. Point of reference and narrative is what really makes this great.<br />2nd, I don&#39;t know, if it was a balloon, I am sure she would have been able to tell and not waste time capturing and uploading it. <br />I am suspicious only that its too easy to observe, the E.T.&#39;s are quite smart i am sure and love to mess with us by not letting us be

  9. Hello, I uploaded this video 5 days ago. I greatly appreciate the upload on Youtube and the comments. I have seen the orb twice after this video. I will be updating soon. Thank you all.

  10. I hate to burst everyones bubble but that is a &quot;tethered advertising balloon&quot;. I see it there all the time. Usually around special holidays like &quot;The 4th of July&quot;. I saw it there that exact night you are talking about because I first noticed it when I pulled into my driveway at 10pm as I was coming home from watching the firework shows in La Costa. Its lights were red, white

    • that&#39;s really interesting. but if it&#39;s an advertising balloon, how come there is no advertisement on it anywhere? wouldn&#39;t we be able to read something on it? this video is really a most interesting one, so many comments! all kinds of theories!

    • Not all advert balloons have wording. If you&#39;re driving down the way trying to read a tiny balloon in the sky, someone is going to cause an accident. The balloons and lights are there to attract attention to the happening. They&#39;re just like the spotlights setup in front of buildings to catch attention of those farther away.

  11. I saw something very similar back in 2009 in NC. It was a perfect black sphere flying low above my apartment complex. At first I thought it was a balloon but it was really cloudy grey sky and windy and it seemed not to be bothered by the wind.

  12. Kind of random… I was at Swami’s, and looked just north east slightly near Encinitas and saw the same thing, there was a red orb that was slightly smaller that also. The date was july 4th and the time i first saw it was approximately 6pm. I came back 3 hours later to see it still hovering with a solid BRIGHT white/blueish tinted light, later it started to rotate and had red white and blue lights flashing randomly. The interesting part was not this, but the red orb that seemingly came from the ground and rose up near the other black sphere. as the red sphere passed the black sphere, it came very close and almost collided. After it passed the black sphere it rose all the way in the sky into space and was gone. Thats when i knew that what i was looking at was NOT a drone, and was in fact some sort of advanced tech.

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