UFO Above Georgia Captured On Video After A Thunderstorm

Margaret Pfeiffer filmed a mysterious object from the sky that moved at very fast speed in downward motion at an angle when she was filming the aftereffects of lightning that hit her property and surrounding properties.

The video, which she posted to YouTube, shows an elongated reflective object for few seconds before it disappeared behind some trees as it moved downward at incredible fast speed. In the video description, Pfeiffer says that she filmed the strange sight after the fire from across the street. She does not think that it was a plane because it has no wing and even no shadow for the wing area. She suspects that the object was a UFO or drone.

Pfeiffer went outside because of the fire she is referring in the description of her video.

She posted another video to YouTube from that day wherein she went outside after her house was hit by a lightning strike. Her neighbour’s house was hit too. Emergency vehicles rushing towards the house of her neighbour can be seen on her video as the lightning strike apparently caused a fire. When Pfeiffer filmed the event, the sky had very sparse cloud coverage and it was mostly sunny.

YouTube uploader wowforreel posted a slow motion version of the video hoping to give viewers a better look at the mysterious object in the video originally posted by Pfeiffer while asking viewers to comment of what Pfeiffer caught in her interesting video.

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  1. +This is very interesting. does it have some sort of insignia underneath, or is it shadow?<br />I&#39;d like to see slo mo of it. Nice to see daylight sightings for a change.<br />Did anyone check behind the trees, or ostensibly where it went down? Could be a drone, after the fire or a remote controlled toy. Make you think.

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