Daytime video of a flying saucer over Memphis, Tennessee 8-Sep-2013

Latest UFO sightings – New daytime footage of some kind of a flying saucer flying across the sky above Memphis, Tennessee. This was taken on Sunday, 8th September 2013.

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  1. Did we not note the plane that passed into view just before the end of the video? Is it possible that this was a &quot;MARKING&quot; event? <br /><br />Did the UFO make an appearance to be filmed so to &quot;MARK&quot; the plane in the video? <br /><br />For what reason? &quot;What is this MARKING stuff all about&quot; you ask? <br /><br />How many of us have guessed that our elders from space

  2. now THAT was weird! that was very weird! would a balloon just fade like that? maybe as it&#39;s floating away and rising? perhaps it popped? strange.

  3. i have been watching,latest ufos for over a year know.used to see differant shapes.know its just orbs.white orbs whats up with that.i believe 98% is fake cam trickery.

  4. might be a true ufo prob ship or space debris floating around sky the rod type thing at end of video seems like more debris def not a plane ? video questionable .

  5. Looks like an orb ufo similar to one that I saw over Memphis in 1992! It doesn&#39;t seem as solid or well define circular outline as the white glowing night UFO called the &quot;Moon of Memphis&quot; UFO of 1964 but it could have come from the &quot;Moon of Memphis&quot; UFO as a smaller orb to impress us.

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