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Your UFO reports: 19th October –  26th October 2013
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Calabasas, CA – 27-Oct-2013
From the vantage of a 2200 foot elevation above a valley to to the North bordered by another range of hills with a higher maximum elevation we initially saw two green and one red light over residential community in Calabasas to the North of us. Thought two green lights indicated new toy, blimp or two aircraft. Then the the light collection moved in 90 degree angles with instant speed and would come to complete stop. Realizing that it wasn’t ordinary aircraft, we went in house. Then object moved relatively quickly due West and then stopped and went straight down like an elevator. Since we couldn’t determine distance or size, we couldn’t assess speed, only movement and lights unlike any known aircraft. Also it was soundless. We can hear small aircraft quite easily anywhere in the valley.

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Between Marathon and White River in Northwestern Ontario Canada – October 24 2013 approx midnite
This object in the sky was observed by two Police officers in a cruiser travelling on the Highway and photographed by a Mine employee in the same area. The employee posted the pictures on Facebook. She took them with her phone camera. The police Officers just observed it for a short time. It was observed to appear stationary in the night sky. It was not the moon and not any known aircraft such as a airplane or helicopter. It was big and very bright. The police officers lost sight of it as they traveled on the highway and the trees blocked it. It was observed for a for a very short period of time. It was one bright white light and no other colors were observed.

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9721 W H Street Worley, Id – 10-23-24-2013 6:40 P.M.
I tried many times to send these to you and it keeps clicking me out. So I am sending the youtube links.I have a lot of them and will send over the 4 but do have more.
I have been observing this light for about a week now and first it was East of my house and I tried to take pictures of it but my old camera didn’t pick it up, and the last few days it has been SW of my house and I was able to take a lot of pictures and video of it. First it just seemed to be a flashing light that would move very slowly and then stay in place then as I was recording it first would turn colors one time it turned bright flaming red and shot a red beam or something out it towards the top right of it and other times it would be white in the middle and around the out side it had red, green and blue lights spinning all around it, this happened a few times. Then it was all yellow and you can see it almost like morph into a ship as it looked like to us. As there are lights on the bottom of it and you can clearly see it and then it started turning yellow again. Then it was all like white and yellow big round circle and you can clearly see a ring around it. I got many pictures and video of this.

I noticed this object as first it was to the left of my house and it was blinking a lot with different colors so I just watched it and then it was over to the right of my house and the same thing so I knew it was no planet. I started recording it to actually see if I could get a closer picture of it as my new camera goes to 120 zoom and that is when I got a lot of great pictures.

I thought when I first noticed it that it might be a planet or something like that

My feelings were at first what the heck is this and then when it started changing colors I knew it was not a planet as it even moved and that I know of planets don’t move like that and then when I seen it as what I call it morphed into lights on the bottom and you can see it is a ship and then the yellow light covered it back up. And that is when I thought wow I got it I was so shocked to see that I finally got a picture of it and now I know what it is

I lost site of the object as it faded away. It was moving a lot but it would just go pitch black and you couldn’t see it at all.

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Indio, Ca – Oct 20 2013 1pm

30 plus objects showing their advanced skills and speed. Looking in the direction of the sun, too much action for me was able to get a pic….Huuuuuuuh!


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Athens, Greece – 19-10-2013

I am the owner of web site. Last week (19-10-2013) we got from a trusted person some photos of UFO possible object. Over the temple of Poseidon, Sounio, Attiki, Greece! Object with a disc shape appears in a photo. No-one notice the disc! Camera with big shutter speed 1/4000 sec captures it!πάνω-από-το-ναό-του-ποσειδώνα-στο-σούν/

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Tucson, AZ – September 16 2013, 3pm
I saw these objects 3 days in a row. There was 1 other witness. We took about a hundred photos Over the three day period. They seemed to be coming Out of or from behind the Sun.


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Vancouver, BC, Canada – Sept. sometime
I captured this photograph and I sent it in to 1Santori and he produced a video about it called NEW: ALIEN SHIP IDM VS IDDM . On YouTube! I was surprised myself, but, here’s all of the photo”s! I had them erased from my iPad somehow and I KNOW I didn’t erase them, so I figured they were erased by someone who got into my iPad from outside somehow! Either way, I was able to track down the hidden copies! Thank god I did because who’s ever responsible for “stealing” those images, certainly doesn’t want people to know about them ,like these images are important! but, they did erase them from my ipad! The second image shows a huge round thing blocking out the starts, as to what it is, remains a mystery! The third and fourth images are the from the first image! Please let me know what you think! I’m not in this for the recognition, I just happened to be honest, I don’t need to “hide” behind a pseudonym so I don’t, this stuff happened to occur while I had a Facebook account and I shared it! Probably not very smart considering the C.I.A. or the F.B.I. are watching and using Facebook as tools to keep track of us!

Ryan & Edward

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