UFO Planet: UFOs over Serbia, USA, Germany & Hungary

UFO Planet – Ep 78 – UFOs over Serbia, USA, Germany & Hungary

Take a journey into the unknown with Darin Crapo and examine UFO Sightings recorded in Edgewater, NJ, USA; Belgrade, Serbia; Hologram on the Moon; Miami, Florida, USA; Michigan, USA; Bronx, NY, USA; Hungary and Germany.

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  1. The Brooklyn lights are just airplane coming straight at the camera and landing at an airport. Thats why they go down one at a time.

  2. Just land already and show yourselves or bloody well shoot them down!. I am so fed up with this phenomena which never gets resolved.<br />We are the donkies and they the carrots.

  3. The Brooklyn lights are an easy one, they are planes turning into the camera view lining up to come in for a landing, the reason they seem to come from the right is that they are circling the airport and when they get clearance they turn into the line of landing planes. Anyone who&#39;s lived near a large busy airport knows exactly what these are. Those headlights by the way can be seen for miles

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