UFO Sighting Video Taken In Leeds

A woman spotted a UFO on November 24, Sunday in England. While waiting for a train ride, the witness saw the mysterious flying object in the West Yorkshire city of Leeds. She then put her mobile phone in video mode to film the illuminated object. The video shows white object demonstrating awkward manoeuvres in the dark sky. The UFO also seen demonstrating occasional change in colour from white to blue.

The video was submitted to UFO Truth Magazine through former police officer and editor of the magazine Gary Heseltine, who dismissed aircraft, laser, micro light, astronomical or atmospheric origin as the identity of the strange object. However, Heseltine noted that further analysis of the video is further needed. He released the video to the public hoping to get other witnesses.

Some have suggested the possibility of a moth fluttering near the street lamp. Some also have thought of a remote-controlled airplane with LED lights, which is now common among RC aircraft to enable flying during night.

Additional witnesses could confirm the real identity of the UFO. Hopefully, the move by Heseltine to release the video to the media will get more witnesses and could further confirm or rule out suggestions of the possible identification of the UFO.

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