Ancient Aliens: Nibiru III – Return of the Annunaki

Despite the failed Mayan Calendar prophecies of 2012, there is an unseen infrared planet still inexorably approaching our solar system. Recent astounding Vatican revelations suggest high-level church officials are preparing for the arrival of a highly advanced extraterrestrial race. This may mark the return of the fabled “Annunaki” from “Nibiru,” also referred to as Planet-X.

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  1. Just don't expect me to bow and kneel to you fella's, or build a monolithic structure or pyramid. If you boys from space want to impress me it's going to take more than a light show of triangles. Bunch a slack jaws.

  2. Luhman 16B or Luhman16AB title of yt videos eso offical red dwarf s [none got that name noted above plus the user apparently removed their vid ]

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