Daytime UFO sighting above Carlow, Ireland 3-Feb-2014

orbUFO sightings 2014 – New footage of a bright object or orb flying in the sky above Carlow in Ireland. This was filmed on Monday, 3rd February 2014.

Witness report: I’ve recorded a video today at bout 5.10 uk time it’s very strange
A light in the sky it couldn’t have been a plane or a chopper it was moving very unorthodox and it was even disappearing and reappearing

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  1. its a white dot not very impressive why didnt u walk to the end where the metal railings were & got a better shot of the object or dot .?

    • Hi Jon, we use the Phantom for productions and in broad daylight sunny day it looks exactly like that. Let me tell u also that most of the sightings lately are drones in my opinion. People have no idea of all the kinds and sizes of drones that r used now, not to say bout the many secret ones we aren't allowed to see.

    • John, it isn't a ball of light, it's the Sun reflecting of one side and when it turns the other side isn't reflective, it's just a RC helo going in circles IMO.

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