UFOs photographed in Colonial Heights, Virginia 12-Mar-2014

UFO photo

On March 12, 2014, a young women in Colonial Heights, Virginia, a small suburb of Richmond, photographed 6 bright lights hovering in triangle formations. These “orb triangle” UFOs are appearing all over the world.

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    • i guess you didn't notice that when they show the lamp post, it's on a sunny day. the lampost picture was not taken the same day as the cloudy day. it's just not lens flare or a reflection.

    • Hey Shawn, you don't get lens flare from seeing it with the naked eye, which is what happened, they saw it first and then photographed it, next explanation.

  1. no, it's not a reflection. a reflection would be directly above the lamp post lights, not on an angle far away from it. i believe it's a ufo, as this is how i saw my first ufo, coming out of storm clouds. also i'm so tired of news reporters asking the question, are we alone? no we are not alone!

  2. I agree. I'm tired of the media always reporting something as reflections, balloons or lanterns. This looks pretty credible as UFOs seem to feed off the energy of storms.

  3. Even the best cameras now a days have trouble keeping up with O'l Fred and his pat Hank Shank, they still use a 50's brownie with some reeeel good flash bulbs.

  4. It cannot be a reflection if you notice the space difference between the lights and the light post the light post are spaced evenly the lights are not

  5. lens flares, reflections, just latest versions of swamp gas and chinese lanterns when someone doesn't know what something is but wants to pretend they do.

  6. All the camera reflection crowd fails to take into consideration that this was seen before the pictures were taken, by the naked eye, you don't get camera flare when you're looking at it with the naked eye.

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