UFO Case Review: Cash-Landrum Incident, 1980

Cash-Landrum ufo Incident

Too often, the UFO phenomenon is dismissed for its supposed exclusive reliance on eyewitness testimony. However, there are numerous examples of UFO encounters that have left tangible traces of their presence in the physical environment, or on the witnesses themselves. The so-called Cash-Landrum Case of 1980 is a notable example of the latter, having left all three of its witnesses with symptoms of severe radiation poisoning following a late-night encounter with an unidentified object. It is one case, at least, that cannot possibly be dismissed as a fabrication, a misidentification, or a hallucination, and one that points to a possible connection between the UFO phenomenon and the U.S. government.


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  1. I believe if there is a concerted effort to hide the existence of alien intelligent life from other worlds there must be an enormous liability to the fabric of our civilization at stake in the minds of those in the know. What could the truth be if in deed that is the case ? To begin with it would have to be a truth so dynamic it would change all we think we know past, present, and future.

  2. this is a stunning story! what a horrific and frightening experience! it's just terrible that those women got so sick from witnessing other worldly travellers. what's even more stunning is that military chops came in to escort the ufo out. what the HELL do they know i demand answers!!

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