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Your UFO reports: 10th May –  17th May 2014
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17 May 2014 – Auckland, New Zealand
Hi reports from the last couple of nights are popping up from Auckland New Zealand. i saw this on Friday night

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Athens, Greece – 15/05/2014
A new saucer UFO video! Athens Greece, a disc shaped object dissapears and reappears in the skies over the city hills, it shoots off and appears to the left of the tree when zooming out near the middly at 22 seconds and in a blink of an eye! Its gone.

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Fort Worth, Texas – 5/13/2014 1130am

I seen something, it was a circle dark gray moving in the sky.. it was the same one i found from UK from 1988 .. there was a helicopter following it and it dissappeared in like 30 seconds. I was such in shock, i paniced and didnt get a picture. but i swear to my god, this is what i seen over north western tarrant country. I think it was a police helicopter or a military helicopter following it… it zoomed and dissappeared fast.

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Covington, Washington State – May 12 9:45
My girlfriend Jen pointed out at darting aircraft with red and green lights darting quickly very low to the ground. She took a picture but because it was moving so fast it looks as though a trail can only be seen but there is a strange large shadow from where it started. Within a minute after a triangular hovering possibly airforce aircraft came chasing it also extremely low to the ground. She managed to take a quick video and then realized there were more than three or four regular planes much higher above as if to circle this event. We both felt an “un-natural” circumstance was in pursuit. Never seeing anything worth catching our eyes, this is our first sighting and post.

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Smitthville Rd. Dayton, Ohio – May 12, 2014
I was in the car with a friend when we were stopped at a red light, and I saw a huge white light in the sky. I asked my friend what he thought it was and he said it might be a planet. I was very curious, so I kept watching it. Before the light turned green, the object started moving in our direction, and I could tell their was more than one light. All of a sudden it stopped. We started driving and it didn’t start moving again. We were driving right next to it and I got a good look. There were three white lights in the shape of a triangle and a green and red light. It is highly unlikely this object was a plane, I stared right at it, and it did not move. I was very shaken up but it was the most interesting thing I have ever seen!

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Castellucchio, Mantova, Italy. – On Sunday 11th May, at 19.30

Mantova UFO

Sunset and a storm brewing up.
Later looking at the photo, I noticed on a cloud, up on the middle right hand side, a yellow round object.


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Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 1230 noon . Saturday 10 May
I was in the area on Saturday around 1230 noon. I too thought the object was a hot air balloon until it shot right up. Not sure what to think of it. The object was silent and it made a small boom shockwave type sound when it shot up.

We don’t get many UFO sightings in Malaysia historically but when i searched the internet it seems that its happening more often now. Do you have any theories why ?


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Trakovice, Slovakia – 10.5.2014
Hello my friend was taken by UFO above the village Trakovice State Slovakia 4 km from the Bohunice where atomic power (Time 10/05/2014 at 21:00

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Rovigo, Italy – 9/5/2014 11.00 AM
I saw an object emit flashes, sudden change of direction and speed. Unfortunately the object in the picture is far, I have the original if necessary.


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mrs Macquaries chair, Sydney(east side) – 26/2/14
after my first sighting on 9/2/14 in taylor sq. i was out at night in syd and it was a nice starry night so i went for a walk down to mrs mac’s chair as the craft i had seen came from that direction. i stopped at a dark area about 100m past the pool to look at sky and within a few min ssen something unusual, like a large shooting star but somehow concealed, basicly a light blur moved from west to east across harbour toward garden island.

about 5 min later a dimly lit craft appeared from the end of gerden island an flew slowly around point of macs chair and i lost sight of it. i then lay down on the path for a better view of the sky. estimate 20 min later directly above macs chair seen craft light up and move at very high speed, an elongated eye shaped hole appeared in front of craft and it passed into ‘hole’ leaving an empty sky. i could see hole as it appeared black against sydney sky filled with ambient light.again maybe 20 – 30mins passed and craft appeared again towards potts point falling perpindicular to ground at high speed and very bright, descended to low alt. before arcing back up and light going out.

some time passed again before i seen craft return on previous track from garden island to mrs macs chair but this time craft started to flicker with light like a flouro light when switched on and diverted from its previous course toward me to a distance of maybe 4-500 ft, alt. maybe 300 ft, before again dissapearing around and over point of the chair.
resolved to buy a camera!
as is not very believable i wasn’t going to share but hey.
this is about 150 metres from where russel crowe got a pic a few years ago.
sighting from around 2am to 4am 26/2/14.

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Mexico – 2011
Tonight on television is the first time I have heard of Dulce, Mexico. A few years ago a young Mexican woman lived with me for three years. I must have been watching something on TV about aliens. We did not discuss it but she stated that aliens look like us and walk around Mexico and that the Mexicans pay no special attention to them.

I might add that she said she has a grandmother who lives in a village in the mountain area, the oldest person there, that can only be reached by walking. She has never been there herself. On TV, she did point out men hunting with spears, having little clothing, and said it was still like that where her grandmother lived.

She was born in Vera Cruz but grew up in Texas. Her father has never been to the US. Her mother & grandmother still live in Texas together.

That is all I know and I do not know if she told the truth or was just fooling with me.

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  1. Trakovice: your friend was TAKEN by the UFO?? or do you mean your picture was taken by your friend?? i hope you mean the second part of my sentence!

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