Latest crop circle reports from UK

UK crop circles

Video compilation of the latest crop circle reports from United Kingdom.

  • August 16; Nettle Hill near Ansty, Warwickshire
  • August 22; Ackling Dyke, Sixpenny Handley, Dorset
  • August 24; Ironwell Lane near Stroud Green, Essex

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  1. Say now you fellas gots to know plasma cutters for precise metal cutting applications are run from computer programs in some instances. Now maybe some o’l boys with nothin but time on their hands is programing images into software and runnin them into retro fit harvesters to make them fancy crop circles. O’l fred knew a fella that used to cut images of dancin gals into quarter inch steel then mount them gals to his Harley….

  2. As a major believer in UF0’s. I so do not believe in the crop circle phenomenon. I believe that is a conspiracy designed solely to set us off in wrong directions then discredit us and make us look like loonies.

  3. Whether or not these crop circles are formed by some non-human entity or not I cannot be 100% certain. But they have been telling a story! This latest one is the Seal of Saturn. Or, Saturns Seal! Demonic in nature, referring to Satan, as the majority of these crop circles are and have been to this point. But if you don’t study signs of Demons (and there are many different ones) you’ll never be able to ‘see’ what’s truly going on. But be forwarned, if you delve into this realm you’d better have the Holy Spirit within and without to protect you! Selah

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