China’s Shocking UFO History


It has always been difficult for westerners to coordinate with UFO researchers in eastern countries. However, China has amazing UFO cases, and the Chinese government has helped UFO researchers get their findings to the public. This episode of Your Need to Know covers some of those great Chinese UFO cases, and reviews how modern UFO research, with the aid of the Chinese government, began.

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  1. I don’t see anything particularly unusual or shocking about this item. China is a huge country, and it would be extremely odd if they didn’t have many UFO sightings. What is interesting about the piece is to learn how supportive the Chinese government is being, because it is not a government with a history of tolerating or encouraging potentially subversive material. Maybe they consider the sightings, etc., a harmless diversion that will keep the populace’s attention occupied, allowing them to focus on something non-political, and distract them from concentrating on problems within their country.

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