Cigar-shaped UFO hovering above Los Angeles, California 26-Oct-2014

Cigar UFO

I just recieve this interesting UFO sighting report.

From: Yasmin
Place: Los Angeles, CA
Date: October 26, 2014

Witness report: I filmed this incredible cigar shaped ufo at Mac Arthur Park in Los Angeles CA this past Sunday October 26, 2104. As you’ll see in the video the ufo is elongated and tube shaped. Many might call this an Ebani ufo or flying snake. Prior to this sighting we had all gathered for a UFO Summoning Event with Robert Bingham at Mac Arthur Park. After the event fellow UFO Researcher Fausto Perez and I hung around and spotted this incredible ufo!

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  1. One a these days you folks is gonna start seeing them ufos the way o’l fred and whatsyurbeef see em, that’s a sausage shaped ufo folks.

  2. Balloon. They are often used as amusement toys (though pretty expensive) here in Europe. Normally tethered, the tether sometimes breaks.

  3. I saw a cigar shaped UFO around a year ago down of the waters of Cape Cod. It was flying high aand fast gone in about 12 seconds. Please keep me informed and updated on any new sightings both pictures and videos. I am now highly intrested i these interplanetary craft flying threw our skies. Thanks Frank Calisi

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