Triangle formation filmed over Paris, France 20-Oct-2014

triangle formation

New footage of an unknown lights in triangle formation hovering in the night sky above above Paris in France.

This was recorded with night vision camera. What is your opinion about this video?

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  1. I just don’t get it, at about the 1:25 mark, it appears that a helicopter is approaching the bright light to the right of the moon, but he cuts away to film the lights that are disappearing, don’t you think it would have been more interesting to see what kind of interaction the helicopter had with the light, and what happened? By the time he panned back to where the bright light was, both the light and the helicopter vanished. It’s things like this that make me question some of these videos.

  2. You got to love the skeptics. Its easy to sit behind a keyboard and at the stroke of a key disclaim footage people present. However I’m sure many who are at the ready to give their opinion have never taken the time to go out and investigate what is happening around our earth skies for themselves. I think if any of them did they will eventually see that something is really happening in earths skies around the world. There comes a time when more than just ones opinion of disbelief needs to be presented. If one think that what they are seeing is stars then prove it. Go out and capture the same footage. Or even better identify the stars that are in his footage. Whether one wants to believe or not is a personal experience however it doesnt change the reality that more is happening around us than just our 3dimensional experience. If one takes a little time and read about quantum physics or string theory they will soon discover that dimensional experiences expands far beyond our 3D perspective. So open the mind rather than working so hard to keep it closed.

    • the people who are so quick to disclaim it are the non-believers and shouldn’t be at this site. or they can be here and watch but keep comments to themselves. but we can’t make people shut-up, can we? they could also be frightened by it. so we read the comments and we believers can chuckle to ourselves.

  3. the newer black project aircraft have the ability to ‘cloak’ itself. they use an electrical charge on the outside of the plane to achieve this.

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