Mysterious UFO Flies Low Above Pennsylvanian Houses and Emits Orange Light In Several Homes

Pennsylvania UFO

Encounter by a Pennsylvanian witness at Marietta was reported to MUFON and filed in its witness reporting database under Case 61106. According to the report, the UFO is an orange sphere-shaped, flying just 40 feet above the reporting witness’ home. The UFO reportedly lit up the ground as it slowly moved across the neighborhood.

The witness was on his front porch sitting at 1:10 am on a Monday morning, on June 10, 2013 when he noticed an orange light lit up his front yard from a source over the home.

He described the light as so bright that he could hardly see his front lamp post light. To get a better look at the mysterious light, he went out onto their walkway. He estimated that the object was just 40 feet over his home.

The object headed slowly to the west and this time the witness said he was stunned by what he had seen. He thought of a Chinese lantern, balloon or something else, but he did not see any of those. He said that the mysterious aerial object was 5 to 10 feet in diameter, and he heard a static electric crackling.

The strange object then crossed a street then passed a small park in front of the witness’ house while lighting up the ground. The light coming from the object emanated from all directions. The unusual flying object went to move over homes just on the other side of the park.

The witness managed to record a video of the UFO using his phone camera around 40 seconds before the strange craft blinked out. It can be seen in the video that the witness was trying to find the object again for 15 seconds but failed to do so.

The witness included one video and one image with the report that was filed on 31st of October 2014.

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  1. I saw this phenomena and it is very real whatever it was. It happened on July 4th 2014. I had a 4th of July party at my house and all the guests had left. I went into the pool to relax around 10:30pm and had no lights on in my yard. All of a sudden I saw 1..then 2..then three..then 4 of these things flying very low right over my back yard. They made no sound. I yelled for my husband and he and my kids came running out just as all 4 were flying over our house. My husband thought that they were Chinese lanterns. One problem..they don’t fly in formation at a low altitude. And I mean low. They were about 40 ft above my house as well. I ran in to get my video camera which I keep in the kitchen about 5 steps into my house from the backyard. I took maybe 15 sec max and when I ran outside to film westward in the direction they were traveling they were gone. Chinese lanterns don’t just disappear so quickly either. Very strange, but I have seen it!

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