Travis Walton UFO Encounter Anniversary Site Visit – Skyfire Summit

Tavis Walton

Travis Walton allegedly witnessed a UFO with several of his fellow loggers in the woods near Heber, AZ, on the evening of November 5, 1975. The UFO shot a beam of light at Travis and he was sent flying. His friends thought he was dead and took off. When they returned soon after, Travis was gone. They were accused of killing Travis and hiding his body in the forest. Five days later, after what Travis thought was only a few hours, Travis returned. Now it seems that Travis may have been taken on-board the mysterious craft and encountered extraterrestrial beings.

This year, 2014, Travis held the Skyfire Summit, a conference centered around his experience. To start the events off, Travis along with Ben Hansen of Night Vision Optics, took attendees out to the location of the UFO sighting for a night sky watch exactly 39 years to the day after the event occurred. The next day, the group visited the court house where Travis’ co-workers took, and passed, lie detector tests.

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  1. there seem to be some good hard facts which indicate htat even if the incident is not real, the men involved, think it was real. It is hard to escape the fact that all the polygraph tests were conclusive, that these folk were not lying. Of course they might be completely deluded and could have foole the detector that way, but don’t think so.
    Waht’s needed is open and honest examination of all government documents relating to all the UFO phenomina and that is not going to happen. I think the reasonfor the cover up, is that the gocernment has no control over what is going on and is therefore, reluctant to admit that they can do nothing. However, it would be good to know that the powers thabe, are willing to let the public decide on the truth, be it good or bad. All this denial and condemnation is bad for all concerned.

  2. i think travis waltons abduction experience was true his memory of being inside the craft was very vivid scarey for travis at that time in his life & being left on a motorway 5 days hence polygraphs peoples denial fear based if he was lying he.d have disappeared long before now but still talks of the event over nearly 39 yrs ago power to him the debunkers watch out ufos are real abductions also worldwide

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