The Unexplained Files: Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid S02E6

Unexplained Files

The Unexplained Files: Siberian Lake Serpent and Mystery of the Bosnian Pyramid
Science Channel, Season 2 Episode 6
8th October 2014

Bosnian Pyramids – An amateur archaeologist, claims he has uncovered five gaint pyramids in Bosnia. Russian Serpent – For centuries, strange reports of a large, underwater creature have come from people living near the remote Lake Labynkyr in Siberia.

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  1. bosnina pyramid,, that idiot from Egypt ,, everything he says about how Egypt pyramids were built is a lie and most of us know it , first of all we know Egyptians DID NOT build the pyramids THEY MOVED INTO THEM, THERE PROBABLY 17 TO 20 THOUSAND YRS. OLD,, EROSION OF THE SPHYNX TELLS THE TRUTH ,, YOUR REPORTING LIES

    • Bob, you mean that fella with the western style hat, the one who get hisself all shook up anytime some other fella makes a comment about them pyramids that just don’t line up with that o’l boys way of thinking ? That o’l boy has got a unique way of lookin at things, kinda like a old one way road with chuck holes all weather beating down that leads to a dead end….. I betcha he’s more fun at a party than a all night dentist appointment….

  2. Say now folks there’s a whole lot of information out there regarding the antediluvian period. O’l freds take; The period before the great flood was a time of great technical advancement, many monolithic structure building. To their detriment also a time of brutality, human sacrifice, cannibalism. Today the remnants of that former time are beginning to surface. I believe the Bosnia pyramids are one of many remnants of that time.

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