The best UFO videos of 2014

UFO videos 2014

Here’s the video compilation of the best UFO videos that were filmed in this year all over the globe.

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    • If you had personally seen one you would be thinking very differently, I assure you.

      I will agree that there is a hell of a lot of smoke and mirrors out there, mostly designed to lead us away from the real stuff. But having seen whet I have seen from an early age, i know for a fact that we are visited by alien races.

  1. some people need to wake up,study the evidence that is out there lots of genuine photos to be seen and lots of very intelligent people give testimony,i have been interested in ufology for over 50 years.

  2. I am from India. I have been observing ufos’ news from 1970s onwards in India. I have with me the published news paper articles from that period. Very interested in ufology news.

  3. alien races are a possibility of a nearby stars and of planet systems, only. if we talk outer planet rabbits or butterflies – it’s highly possible and may be very surprising; especially plants and bugs – it can be a very surprising discovery of us, that the “most” nearby planets do have some, or even not some plants or even trees. If you’re watching Discovery channel, they have already told us about what bugs can even reach the outer space (some spiders can, making a balloon from their web)… that they would survive and keep traveling on alive – is somewhat minor, 2 out of 5.
    …If we talk about cosmos / spaceship invasions, like TV’s Starcraft – it’s a one chance on tenth thousands of years (or millions and millions to await). Anyway, CIA have a watch on such positions.

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