Aliens Among Humans Conspiracy

Alien conspiracy

Aliens living among humans on Earth has been a conspiracy that many believe for a long time. These aliens supposedly mix themselves with humans to carefully observe our daily lives. Valiant Thorr in the 50s is one of the favorite examples of it.

Thorr allegedly came from planet Venus and got a job at the Pentagon. Presidents Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon reportedly met him claiming he can give ideas to help US people live much better lives. While his extraterrestrial origin is up for debate, the man’s name existed.

Phil Schneider, Area 51 engineer, claims he met Val. He described Val as a being with a thinking capacity that would be completely off the scale if measured. He estimated Val’s IQ to be approximately 1200. He also said that Val can speak 100 languages fluently, including alien languages.

However, another man claimed that he knows aliens never share their technology until mankind stop polluting planet Earth. In 2013, Former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer stated in an interview with Russian TV that humans have a long history of UFOs and since the creation of the atomic bomb, there has been a lot more activity.

He explained that aliens are very concerned about the use of the atomic bomb again because the activity on Earth also affects the entire cosmos. Hellyer has said that at least four known extraterrestrial species have been visiting Earth for the hundreds of decades.

Hellyer’s credibility is very much impressive. He was the Defence Minister during the Cold War. He combined the Canadian Air Force, Army, and Navy into the Canadian Forces. He is also the member of the Privy Council, the longest serving current member, ahead of Prince Phillip.

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  1. I had a 90 year old neighbour who was adamant that ?Aliens walked among us and was certain that he could detect them , having been in intelligence in the WW 2.
    A bit more worrisome that he kept a loaded shotgun by his door so that he was ready for them.

    He was a great old guy so who am I to say nay?

  2. Hay,,.. what is not good about a shot gun by the door at 90 he needs it I am 76 and my shot gun is ready to go if needed but it is not the men from mars I worry about. We do not need to worry about aliens if they wanted us we would be out of here, it is the us government I worry about most they are coming to get us for sure. bigtime

  3. Is EVERYONE on this comment page in need of psychiatric help? I could not make any sense of anything that has been said here.

  4. They exist, they are here. Where did you think the Atlantians came from. That’s right ET tried to phone home. Home didn’t answer so they upped up the power. They didn’t realize that the home planet wanted to get rid of those who wanted so badly to start over and the political subversives. God is good and kind. It’s us who need to re-examine ourselves and our world. Yes, there are other worlds and peoples. Are you so arrogant not to realize he made others? But, his love for man exceeds our ignorance. He hopes we all make it back and so do I.

  5. Those of you who say all of this is true, do you have proof or are you like me? I believe, but I have no proof. I see, but I’m not sure of the disguises. I was a member of APRO for many many years and now I am a member of MUFON. I explained before I joined that I’ve never seen a UFO or met an alien, as far as I know, but I believe in their existence. There is no way, no logic, that we are the only living things in this or any other Universe.

  6. From research I came to the conclusion Thor was the real deal, though very little can be found on him. As for the old retired Cdn Defence Minister..he had extremely-little knowledge of EBE related happenings at anytime. “Transport Canada” had the information and US connection with Truman’s original MJ12. Now I’m not at all sure of what Cdn Dept or Minister may have the reigns on progressive EBE contact and direct contact with the CIA and particular US Military “In the know” brass.

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