Amazing flying saucer filmed over Italy 15-Apr-2015

flying saucer

Check out this interesting disc-shaped UFO that was recorded by Italian UFO hunter Antonio Urzi. This footage was taken on 15th April 2015 over Cinisello Balsamo a comune in the Province of Milan.

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  1. Mi piacerebbe sapere :
    .faceva rumore ?
    .che dimensione apparente aveva?
    .a che distanza circa è stato filmato?
    .come è apparso e come è scomparso?
    .quando è scomparso lo ha fatto lentamente o velocemente?
    .che colore aveva?
    .come si muoveva nell’aria : sembrava leggero o pesante ?
    .in quanti possono averlo visto?, era in un luogo abitato o no ?
    .come pensate che si reggesse in quota?
    .poteva essere un drone o altro veicolo convenzionale?
    .a vostro parere cosa faceva?
    .dall’immagine potrebbe sembrare avere forma cava sul fondo o no ? (quindi essere una specie di campana)

  2. what disturbs me about ufo videos is the quality.. everyone is walking around with a full hd video cam on their phone but no one can get a hd shot of a ufo

  3. Looks like a pane of glass was used, with the object being on the glass. There’s not much sunshine in this video, but some how they show a shinny, gold patch @ 7 O’clock???

  4. sorry this is just a laughable fake, google antonio urzi, his supposed ufos videos have been debunked all the times..personally I’m tired of him popping out again in the ufo community to discredit the serious researchers, we should ban guys like this one, anyway, anybody would please tell me opinions about the novel I’m posting at just need to know shall I go on or quit, thanks

    • It reads as though english is your second language. I thought this added character to it but the spelling/punctuation police type people will be in a snit over it. It was interesting to me.

      • Thanks really for the comments, just what I’m looking for. Yes not mother language unfortunately, glad to hear that u think might not be a disadvantage in this case though. I’m back in a weird crazy place for work after long time spent at home, and i write it just for fun. I’ll check about the spelling/punctuation, as u say, guess u right, just I have to figure out what to do to fix that. Again thanks, much appreciate your comment. You might subscribe and let an email, the way once i’ll write more u’ll be notified. Cheers

      • i have been known on here to occasionally correct a spelling error. i am not anal or “policing” anyone. this judgement and political correctness about correcting a spelling mistake has gone too far. when i do that, it is to inform the person of their mistake, not to criticize. on some post here i corrected someone who wanted to say “dodo” (as in the extinct bird) and they
        spelled “doo-doo” instead. i laughed and corrected them so they would know in the future. i was attacked by someone for it. so from now on, i will not be correcting anyone anymore. let the person who made the mistake be laughed at. i was trying to save them from that fate.

        • Hi Janet, I didn’t understand fully your comment. I’m sure nobody will laugh at me just ‘cos I’m writing a blog in a language which isn’t my native one. I’m fluent in four languages, but I use english since is spoken almost everywhere, to get a wider audience, and I’m not that bad at it, but see also, not everywhere english is spoken 100% correctly, so I guess most people will understand what I write.
          Also I think that anybody would like to get corrected if needed. So if u like my blog, then just give me a constructive opinion about it, that’s what I’m looking for. Cheers

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