Calbuco Volcano Eruption Causes UFO Controversy

Chile volcano UFO

A strange looking object made an appearance in the sky for a few seconds before vanishing while dust and ash filled the area. A video of the Calbuco volcano’s eruption in Chile has sparked controversy after viewers noticed a UFO in the sky together with the plumes of dust and ash.

The mysterious flying object seems to hover and flash for a few seconds on the left side of the eruption. After a few seconds, the unidentified flying object vanishes without a trace.

The video clip was uploaded on April 23 to YouTube by the name Ana Luisa Cid and has already garnered more than 200,000 views.

The video description tells the viewers that it was taken on April 22, 2015. Some suggest a drone or a police helicopter. Interestingly, the object remains static before it disappears.

Like 90 percent of volcanoes, Calbuco lies within the Ring of Fire, where a large number of volcanic eruptions happen in the basin of the Pacific Ocean.

Volcanic eruptions happen when the gas that dissolves under pressure within magma cannot be contained anymore.

Calbuco had remained dormant for 40 years, but suddenly erupted on Wednesday afternoon followed by a mighty blast.

Professor Dave Rothery of the Open University explained that gases are created when tectonic plates move. These gases then bubbles to the surface, triggering aneruption.

The eruption can be likened to pulling the tab of a can of beer, it foams up.

While Calbuco volcano is known to be one of the most active in Chile, officials in the area got surprised by the eruption. Emergency director Alejandro Verges said Calbuco had not been observedclosely.

Gateway to the famous Patagonia region Puerto Montt has been filled with a cloud of ash and heavy traffic as people jammed into the petrol stations. Flights in nearby town Ensenada were cancelled, and people were evacuated. Neighbouring town Puerto Varas is under a state of alert. Emergency procedures are also in place for Bariloche city of Argentina.

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  1. wow fantastic footage of the eruption! hard to say what the lights were. not a plane as all planes are re-routed or grounded during volcanic activity. not a drone, too high up. who knows? the lights are appearing and disappearing because the object is coming in and out of the cloud.

  2. I’m going to eliminate a plane or helicopter, simply because they wouldn’t be flying with all that dust in the atmosphere as it would clog their engines. Maybe a surveillance drone, or UFO?

  3. I wonder if this is something similar to Earth Lights, purported to be seen before earthquakes? (and no I am not saying Swamp Gas!)

  4. I can share my opinion, with my own self conformity, the shape, the flash and the lights permanently focusing on the volcanic mountain as it somehow record or photograph it and the event it might be even a uso submerging from the bottom of the mountain up during the eruption the shape seems rounded the maneuvering of the craft is neither yet man made.

  5. I feel strong revelation regarding how that ufo or uso idled on inner the volcanic mountain exploring or investigating while the eruption occurred, ouch reminds me of a clip I saw of a ufo shooting a beam laser in space to the sun.

  6. Every time there’s a volcanic eruption i predic that a video with ufo’s monitoring the eruption will surface and shure enough here it is. My theory is that they monitor every major event that happens in this world, either natural or man made,perhaps even having control of the situation..

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