Mars’ Photo Reveals Alien Ship, Underground Bunker and Other Structures

Mars UFO

A NASA photo of Endeavour Crater seems to show an alien ship, underground bunker, house-like structures and more. It was captured by NASA’s Opportunity rover in 2014.

André R. Gignac, self-proclaimed alien hunter, has found what he called clues pointing to a range of things that US government and NASA are possibly hiding. Analysis of the image reveals the presence of an alien ship in the middle of a bunker and the alien base.

Gignac also claims that the base on the crater’s floor comprises housing structures and some sort of missiles and rockets. He also pointed out the burst of flame, which for him clearly visible from the alien ship. The rockets, missiles and housing structures are distributed in a circle, Gignac said.

Gignac explained that the picture presented evidence of an underground bunker with a structure appearing like a panoramic window.

Some sites called Gignac as ascientist, which he cleared up that he is not, and he never claimed as such. Gignac added that some sites reported that he claimed to have spotted armed people in the window, but he wasn’t brought that thing out. He also denied some reports that he said there was a hidden army on Mars.

He suspects the lies that have been repeated all over the internet about UFO or extraterrestrial reports make someone like him to just stay silent. But he promised not to keep his mouth shut amidst the inconsistency of reports regarding his claims.

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    • you left the pool out…….
      and I dint see any pets playing with the children
      I suggest you cut down on the sugar
      god bless

  1. I will apologize publicly and do a cartwheel if these objects turn out to be anything other than pareidolia and wishful thinking!!!!!

  2. If the U.S. Government and NASA are “possibly hiding” things that their cameras have discovered, how did M. Gignac get to see them in the first place? Wouldn’t such pictures simply be edited out, before being released to the public? Whatever one thinks of the U.S. Government and NASA, they’re not that stupid and/or careless.

  3. Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life here! And the “believers” cry….”Why, oh why don’t these space critters initiate contact with us? “US” being humankind. They’re too busy telling each other jokes about us, or they have nothing to share that we might understand; just guessing!

  4. This video shows way more detail of things on Mars and is sourced from NASAs own rover images:

  5. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t add up ..very hard to see any of what he explained ??
    Sometimes we look too hard to try to find something and then our imagination just goes nuts !!
    I believe strongly in aliens I don’t think we are the anyone’s here I know there are other planets that may be inhabited but this guy is really really trying hard to make it fit his theory , but it just doesn’t fit

  6. actually this was a very entertaining piece! to read a perspective and see what their imagination tells them is interesting. in no way do i feel i’m being made to feel convinced, though.

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