Triangle formation caught on tape over India – April 2015

India UFOs

Here’s one interesting video of a triangle UFO formation flying across the sky above India. It was allegedly filmed at a wedding party in early April 2015.

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  1. We no that UFOs exists , with our Technology we can zoom in right up to th ship, are these clips supposed to satisfy us it’s time to get it real!!!!

  2. Well we’ve all seen enough of these to know what they are, is there anyone left who doesn’t know? Chinese Lanterns.

  3. Them are real and there’s a reason why they’re in triangle formation that’s the representing the Trinity Father Son and Holy Spirit I feel for I seen him two nights in a row and they’re showing their soul for a reason

  4. Lanterns !!
    released simultaneously…almost freeze and travel in unison at higher reaches.
    Technology and cameras have the power to get up closer and sharper..also wonder why only one alien is seen at a time…most of the times !1
    They exist ..but lets see the real ones!!

    • because when you are prepared and looking for them, that’s when you don’t see them. when you are not prepared and only have a crappy, camera, that’s when you see them.

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